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1984 pdf download:  The book 1984 is all about the fear, control, censorship, love, hate of that time. 1984 was published by George Orwell in 1949 that represents the vision of a future where people are controlled by fear and intimidation. In this era people have no rights, no freedom, no joy or we can say that people were bound with lots of rules and regulations imposed by the ruling party.

The lives of that time were controlled and monitored by the cameras and people can’t even think and eat in privacy or there was nothing like privacy, everything was under surveillance of that time. 

1984 pdf book

The book served as a serious warning about the impact of this situation and continuously warned people to safeguards their rights. Government was overreaching their policies and regulations and this directly ruined the lives of the people. 

Today’s people’s lives have completely changed, we possess the rights of freedom, speech, privacy and much more that completely change the outlook of people and in this democracy we are also developing and improving day by day. 

Someone has discovered the word democracy and from that time many countries have adopted this concept. People usually blame the government and underestimate their work done to ease the living of people. A form of formal government is very important to develop and grow otherwise we live in a tribal like society. So, we can’t say that government is not important or not required but we have to make sure that our government is ensuring public rights and duties and working towards society development. 

1984 george orwell pdf summary

It is april of 1984 in what used to be Britain it is now called airstrip one airstrip one is part of Oceania. One of the three super states that rule the world, did somebody say dystopia 39-year-old Winston smith is heading home from work, he works for the government called the party at the ministry of truth ironically the ministry of truth is in charge of distorting the truth by manipulating news entertainment and education. 

They do this so that everyone supports the party at the ministry of truth fake news is the news as Winston makes his way home, he sees the same huge poster on almost every wall it shows the huge face of big brother the head of the party he and his secret team. 

They thought police have eyes and ears everywhere it’s sort of like an evil version of big brother the tv show Winston arrives at his apartment and nervously takes out a diary he begins to write in it. 

In airstrip one writing in a diary is punishable by death or at least 25 years in a forced labor camp sounds like a happy place to be right. 

Winston thinks about how he felt a connection with his superior O’Brien today he is convinced that o’brien is a member of the brotherhood the brotherhood is a counter-revolutionary group led by Emmanuel Goldstein. 

They aim to overthrow the party Winston also thinks about his female colleague Julia who works at the ministry of truth he has always found her beautiful but he is very suspicious of her Winston grows more and more unhappy with this society. 

What if the party announces that two and two make five how will anyone say otherwise what solid proof is there that two and two equal four however Winston concludes that freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four cuts to a new day it is evening winston is wandering in a suburb where the proles live proles are not party members. 

They are the underclass in airstrip one Winston enters the shop where he bought his diary the shop owner Mr. Cherrington greets him kindly everything seems fine right not so much back at home winston is worried he thinks it’s only a matter of time before he’s sentenced to death for thought crime this is the offense of having thoughts that are unacceptable to the party. 

There are serious rules here in airstrip one later on, Winston is at work when Julia abruptly slips something into his hand Julia strides swiftly away as though nothing happened finally, winston unfolds the paper. 

There written in large handwriting are the words i love you scandal winston can’t believe it he manages to meet Julia on the weekend in a small grassy area surrounded by trees.  

They kiss and share their mutual disgust for the party winston and julia continue to meet up in secret winston mentions how he longs for freedom and rebellion winston goes back to mr charrington’s shop and asks if he can rent a spare room in the shop for his love affair with Julia mr charrington agrees, what a great guy. 

One day when winston is walking down a corridor of the ministry of truth o’brien stops winston to speak with him he invites winston to his apartment winston also takes julia with him and they confess their affair and how they want to tear down the party seems risky sometime later o’brien delivers goldstein’s book to winston.  

He can hardly believe it the book describes all the fraudulent and shocking methods the party uses to keep its power. 

The book also explains doublethink is when people accept two conflicting opinions or beliefs at the same time because a government has brainwashed them. 

The next morning when winston and julia wake up they are surrounded men in black grab them mr charrington enters and winston meets his eyes with a shock he realizes that mr charrington is a member of the thought police that liar winston is thrown into a cell bustling with both political prisoners and common criminals. 

A few days later o’brien enters the cell winston’s blood runs cold o’brien isn’t here to save him o’brien isn’t on his side it seems like everybody has it out for winston. 

one day o’brien brings winston into a room winston is strapped to a machine o’brien mentions how winston wrote freedom is the freedom to say two plus two make four in his diary o’brien raises four fingers and asks winston how many he sees and if the party says that it is not four but five then how many four Winston replies stubbornly. 

He regrets it instantly o’brien electrocutes him o’brien keeps holding up four fingers and asks him how many fingers winston every time winston says four, the amount of pain increases until finally do you see five fingers
Yes but one fateful night Winston makes a horrible mistake while dreaming he yells julia my love julia.  

This can’t be good for poor winston o’brien enters the cell and says room 101 the guards take him there in the room winston is strapped to a chair o’brien gestures to a cage full of rats with a mask-like attachment in front of it winston freezes he realizes with horror that his head is supposed to fit into the attachment where the rats will eat his flesh yuck. 

As the rats are brought closer winston starts screaming like an animal he has to do something something to keep the rats away something to put a wall between himself and the rats somebody suddenly winston is shouting over and over.

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1984 free pdf

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