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Robert greene 48 laws of power pdf: Almost everyone in this world wants to be the most powerful to control things according to him but it’s not easy. The book 48 laws of power by Robert Greene is one of the best selling books that consists of 48 laws of power.  

This book is the choice for anyone interested in gaining, observing or defending against ultimate control.

The 48 laws of power pdf download

The entire book content is divided into 48 laws of power that cover each law in a very comprehensive manner. 

For all those people who are interested in reading this book can easily refer to the below available link to view the sample of the book or can also read the 48 laws of power listed below. 

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  • Book title – 48 laws of power
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The 48 laws of power pdf

Law 1: Never Outshine The Master

In Business, work and organisation, the person above the hierarchy from you is superior to you and always remember you are working below him and also remind the same thing to their superior.
Law 2: Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn How To Use Enemies
Fear more from your friends than enemies. According to the author most of the time our friends feel jealous and betray us more than enemies.
Law 3: Conceal Your Intentions
Never reveal their plans to others, it will increase your chance of success and people will not be able to prepare themselves to create any hurdle.
Law 4: Alvvays Say Less Than Necessary
Try to speak as little as possible, speaking more can also increase the chance of disclosing things that you don’t want to share with others.
Law 5: So Much Depends On Reputation-—-guard It With Your Life
Geneally, our strength depends on our reputations; it can be easily built or destroyed. So it is important to guard it.
Law 6: Court Attention At All Cost
It totally depends on the person how differently they stand out and gain the attention of others. If it requires doing something different then do it.
Law 7: Get Others To Do The Work For You, But Always Take The Credit
It is important to delegate work that can also be done by others. It can also help in saving your time but never forget to take the credit.
Law 8: Make Other People Come To You—-use Bait If Necessary
Always keep control in your hand, rather than reach out to others, let them encourage you to come with you. 
Law’ 9: Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument
Victory through argument is not worth it rather than trying to use your actions to convince others.
Law 10:Infection: Avoid The Unhappy And Unlucky
Make sure to surround yourself with happy and fortunate people.
Law 11: Learn To Keep People Dependent On You
Maintain a good relationship with other people. Not try to teach everythings to your colleagues and employees or not give him the authority to do everythings.
Law 12: Use Selective Honesty And Generosity To Disarm Your Victim
One Honest move will cover your many dishonest ones. Generosity and honesty create a positive impact among the people towards you.
Law 13: When Asking For Help, Appeal To People’s Self Interest, Never To Their Mercy Or Gratitude
In their life everyone needs help or assistance from others and at that time try to convince the people by realizing their benefit in work too and people will agree to work easily.
Law 14: Pose As A Friend, Work As A Spy
Know the strength and weakness of your enemy, to get information if it needs to work as a spy do it.
Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally
This law focuses on ensuring your enemies are completely destroyed and will not harm you in future.
Law 16: Use Absence To Increase Respect And Honor
Keep your presence limited among the people that will be curious to know about you and your next step.
Law 17: Keep Others In Suspended Terror: Cultivate An Air Of Unpredictability
As we have covered in one of the laws, keep your actions and plans secret rather than share with others.
Law 18: Do Not Build Fortresses To Protect Yourself—isolation Is Dangerous
It feels good to make a boundary or safe zone for yourself but it will limit you and people will prompt you to attack you. So it is good to keep surrounded with your friends and colleagues.
Law 19: Know Who You’re Dealing With—do Not Offend The Wrong Person
It is important to know the people you associate with, such as your allies and enemy. Always try to avoid those people who seek revenge for betrayal.
Law 20: Do Not Commit To Anyone
Your independence is your strength not a weakness, always focus on their goal.
Law 21:Play A Sucker To Catch A Sucker—–seem Dumber Than Your Mark
Make feel your enemy is superior to you; it will eventually build fake confidence among your enemy.
Law 22: Use The Surrender Tactic: Transform Weakness Into Power
If you are on a weaker side then it is best practice to surrender rather than fighting and it will also cease your enemy power as time passes.
Law 23: Concentrate Your Forces
Intensity slows down expansion, so it is important to keep and follow the power rather than focusing on other power.
Law 24: Play The Perfect Courtier
According to this law, some people are successful in the world where everything revolves around politics and power they have the art to indirection.
Law 25: Recreate Yourself
Society always tries to impose certain expectations on you but it’s not necessary to keep them. We have the ability to recreate ourselves.
Law 26: Keep Your Hands Clean
You should always look like a well behaved citizen in front of society and try to hide their wrong practices.
Law 27: Play On People’s Need To Believe To Create A Cult Like Following
Everyone in this society feels connected with others and they assume the things they believe are bigger than themselves. To gain these people try to promise and hope to keep them awarded with rewards.
Law 28: Enter Action With Boldness
It focuses on the importance of confidence, if you are not sure then never commit to it.
Law 29: Plan All The Way To The End
Plan every step from beginning to end and recognize their problems and success early. Planning will prepare you for risk and reward.
Law 30: Make Your Accomplishments Seem Effortless
Seems your success is natural to others and don’t explain the way you achieve it.
Law 31:Control The Options: Get Others To Play With The Cards You Deal
Always make them feel that they have an option or choice and they are in control but in reality you hold full control.
Law 32: Play To People’s Fantasies
Present the things that others want to see or we can say that others want to listen that’s not matter if it’s true or false.
Law 33: Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew
Your enemy’s weakness can work for you as a key to destroying them and you can use it for your benefit.
Law 34: Be Royal In Your Own Fashion: Act Like A King To Be Treated Like One
You need to work as you want others to act. If you work with confidence and power people will respect you and if you feel nervous then people will not give it such importance. 
Law 35: Master The Art Of Timing
Never be in a rush, learn the art of detective right time.
Law 36: Disdain Things You Cannot Have: Ignoring Them Is The Best Revenge
Try to ignore the problem that arises, it will eventually disappear without getting your attention.
Law 37: Create Compelling Spectacles
You have to build your surroundings big with grand statements, big gestures and imagery. Impress the people with big dreams.
Law 38: Think As You Like But Behave Like Others
It is good to blend with other people and understand their ideas and thinking rather than expressing your true self.
Law 39: Stir Up Waters To Catch Fish
Emotion and anger will never give you the desired result, so it is important to be calm.
Law 40: Despise The Free Lunch
Ignore the things that don’t have value or free things and keep the things for which you pay.
Law 41: Avoid Stepping Into A Great Man’s Shoes
Make your own identity rather than stepping into the same shoes.
Law 42: Strike The Shepherd And The Sheep Will Scatter
Powerful and strong people are likely to be arrogant so it is important to keep them away.
Law 43: Work On The Hearts And Minds Of Others
There is a difference between seductions and coercion. A successful seduced person will remain loyal to you.
Law 44: Disarm And Infuriate With The Mirror Effect
Try to fool their enemy by showing the same as they want to see.
Law 45: Preach The Need For Change, But Never Reform Too Much At Once
Change is very important to grow, if you learn anything new then it will add some changes in you follow and respect it rightly.
Law 46: Never Appear Too Perfect
It means never try to look perfect and weak, if you look perfect then you have to face envious of others.
Law 47: Do Not Go Past The Mark You Aimed!) For; In Victory, Learn When To Stop
It is important to be aware about the entire goals, process and end. Set a goal and when it is accomplished stop and enjoy it.
Law 48: Assume. Formlessness
Everything is not constant, it can change so you don’t have to reveal your plan. 

robert greene 48 laws of power pdf

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