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Atomic habits pdf download: We all set some goals and targets to achieve in our life in a specified time period but most of us left between the process and thought it is a very big goal and seems next to impossible and that’s why most of us lose hope and leave it incomplete.

After sacrificing their goal people usually feel looser and unhappy in their life and they don’t enjoy their life and always feel dissatisfied. So, to overcome this situation here we came with one of the wonderful books that will not only overcome your stress but also assist in setting and achieving your goal.

Atomic habits pdf

Here we are talking about one of the most popular books, Atomic Habits by James clear. This book will guide you to make atomic or small goals rather than big goals and achieve them. 

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  • Book title – atomic habits james clear pdf
  • Author– James clear
  • Format– PDF
  • Size–  mb 
  • Pages– 288
  • Language– English and Hindi
  • Publication– Random House Business Books

We all want quick success without giving proper time to grab knowledge, skill and other things that are required to accomplish that goal. Let’s understand it with the help of an example: suppose you want to earn 1 lacs per month and now you are at zero or not earning anything so to achieve this target seems very big and most of us will also laugh at you if you tell them but it is possible to achieve.

As your goal is to earn 1 lacs per month, the first and the foremost step is to decide from where you will earn through job, business, service after setting this next step is to learn that work grab skill and knowledge required to perform that work and fulfill the user demand. Once you will be able to solve the problem of users by serving your service/product, now make a smaller goal first like your big goal is to earn 1 lacs per month cut it down to 10 thousand per month, first achieve this and increase your target.  

In the whole process the most important part is consistency without losing hope. In the beginning, without focusing on the goal, try to focu on learning and add something new each day in your skill and at the end it will create magic that you can’t imagine. 

3 Layers of Behaviour change

  • Outcomes
  • Processes
  • Identity

Outcome means the ultimate result of the particular work. People usually focus on outcomes rather than process. To  achieve the result the very crucial part is to effectively do the process so that the outcome will be the best. 

People who enjoy the process gain tremendous knowledge 

It is important to build an identity that suits your goal. Let’s understand with an example if you want to lose weight and decide to lose 10 kg. Rather than focusing on losing10 kg, focus on changing your habits like adding exercise, healthy diets and others in their day to day activities that change your identity and with this process you can easily achieve your outcome. 

First of all we will clear the term habits that will help you to clear your doubts and also understand the term habits so that you can understand the essence of book atomic habits. 

Habits means a routing or regular behaviour of doing anything. We have plenty of habits that we used to perform in our day to day activities like driving a car, cooking, bathing, smoking, drinking etc. If you are doing this work daily then it becomes your habit and you don’t need much time to perform these tasks.

Let’s understand with an example if you are learning driving then you will think before changing gear, giving indicators and various other functions. Those who know driving can easily perform various functions simultaneously because they have developed habits but those who are learning face difficulty in coordination with various functions.   

Habits can be 



4 Laws of behaviour change

Habits are made due to four reasons that are: Cue, Craving, Response and Reward.

Cue means a signal. It can be easily understood with office lunchtime and teatime. At lunch time you feel hungry automatically and look for something to eat. It is basically a fixed time to perform daily work. 

Craving means a desire to do something. 

Response means an action taken to accomplish cue and craving. It is best to make it easy. 

Reward is the final step you get after following these three steps. It is the feeling of satisfaction. 

These 4 habits can build good and bad habits by following these steps. 

To break your bad habits you have to follow the opposite of these steps. 

If you smoke daily at a particular time then try to spend that time with your family, friends. 

  • To reduce your craving, think about bad effects of your desire like lung cancer from smoking etc.
  • Make your response difficult by applying the situation that stops you to take action like not holding the cigarette all the time so that you can avoid smoking etc.
  • Make your reward your punishment to get rid of bad habits. 

atomic habits book pdf

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