The compound effect PDF

the compound effect pdf

The compound effect pdf: “The Compound Effect” book is authored by Darren Hardy which imparts a very precious and significant message to readers’ lives. This book discusses how to achieve success and goals through smaller steps.  According to this book, seemingly small steps and efforts can give drastic and desired consequences without taking the burden … Read more

Ganesh atharvashirsha PDF download

ganesh atharvashirsha pdf

Ganesh atharvashirsha pdf in Hindi free download: The Ganapati Atharvashirsha is a Sanskrit text Upanishad that reveals the real nature of everyone’s favourite – Lord Ganesha. The word Ganesha is a Sanskrit origin word that is derived by combination of Gana and Isha- Gana means a group and Isha means the Lord or master. Ganapati … Read more

General chemistry mcquarrie 4th edition PDF

general chemistry mcquarrie 4th edition pdf download

General chemistry mcquarrie 4th edition pdf download: The revised and fourth edition of the General Chemistry takes an atoms-first approach from beginning to end. This latest edition came out with remarkable changes that make this general chemistry mcquarrie pdf different from the other books. This edition came out with a number of other innovations, such … Read more

Shani chalisa PDF Download

shani chalisa pdf

Shani chalisa pdf download: Shani dev is a hindi deity that is worshipped by people to get rid from bad luck and obstacles. In hindu religion there are many gods that are worshipped to gain mental peace, reduce stress and problems. Shani dev is also one of them who is specially worshipped on saturday specially … Read more

The Secret PDF Book Download

the secret pdf

The secret pdf book by rhonda byrne: The Secret is a self help and one of the best selling books of 2006 written by Rhonda Byrne. The book is primarily revolved around the law of attraction and its ensure one can achieve anything with thought. As there are many books that also claim that one … Read more

Shiv puran pdf download

shiv puran pdf

Shiv puran pdf in hindi free download: Lord shiva is the supreme dieting in the hindu religion that is also called as Mahadev who is the God of Destruction, Meditation, Yoga, Time and Dance; The Destroyer of Evil; Parabrahman, Supreme Being.  Lord shiva is the creator and destroyer of this universe. He is also the … Read more

The Vertical Diet PDF

vertical diet pdf

The vertical diet pdf: Diet mainly refers to the combinations of foods that a person or any living being takes. For the survival of living being good is important. To achieve desired results people usually follow a diet that is recommended by a nutritionist. Dieting is a never ending or we can say continuous process. … Read more

Manusmriti PDF download

manusmriti pdf

Manusmriti pdf in hindi free download: Manusmiriti is a well known ancient religious book in hinduism that was originally written in the sanskrit language and further transcribed in many other languages. It is also known as a Dharmashastra of manav. Manusmriti has the major contribution in the formation of hindu religion and it gave the … Read more

Bhagavad Gita PDF Download

bhagavad gita pdf

Bhagavad gita pdf download: The Srimad Bhagavad Gita also called as the Gita written by Veda-Vyasa in Sanskrit language. It is the Hindu religious book and also a part of Mahabharat (longest epic in the world). The entire book is categorized into 18 chapters and each chapter is built with great content.   The bhagavad gita … Read more

First aid step 2 CS 6th edition PDF

first aid step 2 cs 6th edition pdf free download

first aid step 2 cs 6th edition pdf free download: The latest Sixth Edition of First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS book has been updated to present the latest NBME (The National Board of Medical Examiners) exam pattern and worksheet items. It incorporates feedback from recent US and international test-takers to enhance the … Read more