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The catcher in the rye pdf: Hello everyone, in this article we are going to talk about one of the very interesting novels written by J. D. Salinger that was published in 1951. This story is about a seventeen year old boy Holden from South California. 

It began from there boarding school Pencey Preparatory Academy in Pennsylvania when he was 16 year old and fired from three schools and it was the fourth one and now he was also fired from there. Before leaving school he wish to meet and say goodbye their History teacher and visit their home to meet him his name was Mr. Spenser who was old enough, when he met him, gave advice or lecture to him for their future.

The catcher in the rye pdf

Then he came back to his room where his roommate or friend Mr. Ackley was also there, Holden try to study but he distubed him, second friend was Mr. Stradlater, he was dressing nicely for their date with Miss. Jane. Holden also liked Jane, now Stradlater ask Holden to write English composition for him and in writing he will tell you everything about my date and he agreed upon this, when he returned from the date he blamed him for writing the wrong composition and he refused to not tell anything about their date.  

After all this incident, Holden argues with them and it converts into fight, Stradlater punches on the Holder nose and it bleeds. As we have mentioned earlier Holder was fired from the school and now they leave it earlier and catch the train for Newyork and check into the Edmont Hotel but he feels lonely there and decides to visit Bar. 

He tries to be friends with a girl but fails, now he returns to their hotel where a leftman Maurice offers to arrange a girl for him if he gives him 5 dollars.

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Book title the catcher in the rye
Author J. D. Salinger
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 240
Language English

Then a girl arrived in their room but he felt very uncomfortable and refused to be intimate with her because he had gone through with the surgery. Girl asked him to pay 10 dollar but holden say the deal was only for 5 dollars, then the girl met Mr. Maurice asked him for the remaining payment, he went to the Holden room, beat him and took the remaining 5 dollars from him. 

Next morning he was ready for the date with her friend Sally Hayes and talked nonsense there. 

It was a brief overview of the complete story for detailed go through the book. 

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