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Core python programming pdf free 2nd edition download: There is a sharp rise in the uses of technology and digitalisation and also there is a huge potential and growth in underdeveloped countries, so to overcome the upcoming demand of the user it also create demand of skill person who can code the programming for various applications and software.

Basically programming language can be considered as the language that is used to communicate with the computer by programmers or developers. Some examples of programming languages are Java, python, C++, C etc.

core python programming pdf free

To create any software, website, app there are various languages used in the backend to perform different tasks that are not visible to the user but they modify and update with the latest changes or updated version. As there is a high potential and growth can be seen in the coming year then there is also a bright career opportunity for the user and one can choose it to shape their future.

Here, we will discuss python programming and the best books and study material that is beneficial to learn python. Python is the widely used programming language used for website development, machine learning, software development and much more. With the help of systematic approach one can easily learn the python that can also enhance their skill and help in to build a better career.  

As we all know in today’s time there are various modes to learn anything, digitalisation has completely changed the process and now we can learn anything only by sitting at their home. Digitalisation has transformed the way of living of people, now people can earn, learn and spend only by sitting at the corner, there is no need to visit markets or places.

So, anybody who is eager to learn python can refer to the core python programming pdf 2nd edition book and also there is a various video or crash course available on the internet to learn by experts. This book is suitable for beginner to advanced level candidates, it includes step by step method and procedure to learn the concept with practicality. 

There are various career options for Python programmers as a software developer in industry or start their own venture. 

Detail of core python programming pdf

Book title – core python programming pdf 2nd edition

Author- R. Nageswara Rao

Format– PDF

Size–  mb 

Pages– 410

Language– English 

Publication- Wiley India

Table of contents of core python programming 2nd edition pdf

Chapter 1: Introduction to Python
Chapter 2: Writing Our First Python Program
Chapter 3: Data Types in Python
Chapter 4: Operators in Python
Chapter 5: Input and Output
Chapter 6: Control Statements
Chapter 7: Arrays in Python
Chapter 8: Strings and Characters
Chapter 9: Functions
Chapter 10: Lists and Tuples
Chapter 11: Dictionaries
Chapter 12: Introduction to OOPS
Chapter 13: Classes and Objects
Chapter 14: Inheritance and Polymorphism
Chapter 15: Abstract Classes and Interfaces
Chapter 16: Exceptions
Chapter 17: Files in Python
Chapter 18: Regular Expressions in Python
Chapter 19: Data Structures in Python
Chapter 20: Date and Time
Chapter 21: Threads
Chapter 22: Graphical User Interface
Chapter 23: Networking in Python
Chapter 24: Python’s Database Connectivity
Chapter 25: Data Science Using Python

core python programming book

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