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Elon musk biography book pdf: Elon Musk SpaceX and Tesla is one of the best selling books written by Ashlee Vance who is an American Business columnist and author and after publishing this book he also became a bestselling author. This book is also known as the biography of Elon musk that was published in 2015. It covers the journey of Elon musk from his childhood to the time spent in ATZIP2 and Paypal and a journey to establish a SpaceX, TESLA and Solarcity. 

As we all know in the sustainable technology industry it is not possible to get success but Elon musk who is the founder of solar city and Tesla Motors achieved it. Now the big question arises in your mind how he achieved it, so to understand the whole process and journey of Elon musk be with us. 

Elon musk biography book pdf

Elon musk is not an average entrepreneur, they have far insight and think about saving the world by shifting or relocating us on Mars. 

The main objective of Musk is to save the world by shifting humans on Mars. As we are all aware about how our environment is very badly affected by the latest technology and development and now this issue is at its highest point and it is moving towards disaster, so Elon’s vision is to save human life by shifting to another planet that is Mars. 

And to accomplish this his employees also support and respect him. 

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  • Book title – elon musk: tesla, spacex, and the quest for a fantastic future pdf
  • Author–  Ashlee Vance
  • Format– PDF
  • Size–  mb 
  • Pages– 96
  • Language– English
  • Publication– Virgin Digital

Before going ahead et’s know the weekly schedule of Musk.

Monday– It starts with SpaceX in Los Angeles where he works .
Wednesday and Thursday– Then he goes to Silicon valley to work on the Tesla project.

As it seems it is not that easy to live that lifestyle. It needs lots of patience, hard work and dedication. 

About childhood

Elon musk’s childhood was not very good, his parents separated and they chose to live with his father Errol and after that his life became difficult. They face various problems in school and home, once he was beaten by their classmate in school and due to which he had not attended the school for a week.

After all he had continued their study and he was able to read 2 encyclopedias and remembered everything due to his photographic memory. 

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book is one of the most important books that influence Elon. This book made him realize that it is easy to answer a question but the hard thing is to ask the right question.  

Then he had many questions that can help in expanding and improving human civilization and that created a path to SpaceX. 

When they start their High school they possess good knowledge and opinions about solar power and planet, space rocket and paperless banking. At the age of 12 he sold his video game name Blaster for $500.

In 1998 Musk decided to leave South Africa as he didn’t wish to join the military. Then he planned to go to the US but before he went to Canada and spent some years there and faced various difficulties and problems to survive. He took admission in Queen’s university and from there his self confidence built and also took shape to his character.

He was most ambitious at this time and took part in public speaking and contest, where he also met his future wife Justine wilson who was his first wife and became mother of six children of musk. 

After completing 2 years in Queen’s university he shifted to Pem university and made new friends there. 

After completing their graduation he decided to jump into the .com field in 1995 he made a first company global link with his brother that later known as Zip2 that aim was to focus on unknown business and drag it into the online world. 

That time people did not see any interest in websites and the internet and due to which they faced various rejections but things changed when Venture capital firms invested in their startup and it succeeded. 

He doesn’t stop there from some amount he buys a big house and a plane and also joins the big boys club and invests their remaining money in X.com. That time people did not usually prefer to buy things online and were not comfortable to share bank details for payments and Elon tried to solve this problem by partnering with Barclays and establishing X.com world first online bank. 

All seems good but there are competitors knocking the door and Max Levchin and Peter Thiel work on their own payment system paypal. 

After that both companies merged and 1x.com renamed as Paypal and in 2002 it was sold to ebay for $1 Billion and musk got $250 million that was enough to make his dream possible.

In 2001 on his 30th birthday he decided to escape the rat race and choose to shift Los angeles near to space industry hub. Musk always dreamed of joining the space industry and at that time industry was working developing life on Mars.  

In 2002 Space Exploration Technology (SPACEX) came and after completing 4 years they launched their first successful rocket and most of the launches failed but he never quit. 

Later on SPACEX became the first commercial company to carry the Dragon capsule to space and retrieve it safely after an ocean landing.

TESLA electric car

Electric cars were not very much popular among the people but Elon musk’s efforts and dedications created a full electric car that was accelerated faster than ferrari. 

In mid of 2012 Tesla Sedan had completely changed the outlook and this became the highly rated car of history and in 2010 it was also awarded with car of the year. 

Musk always dreamt to enter solarcity and with the help of his cousin hive brothers they started Solarcity and became biggest shareholder and after 6 years it became the one of the largest installers of solar planet in US.

His main goal to introduce these companies and projects was to ensure a sustainable living for humans. 

elon musk biography pdf

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