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epi python pdf: Elements of Programming Interviews (EPI) in Python is a programming book written by Adnan Aziz, Tsung-Hsien Lee and Amit Prakash. It is a comprehensive guide on EPI that is useful for software development and also beneficial for interviews.

It introduces the nontechnical parts of interviewing such as approach for great interview, most common mistakes, viewpoint from other side of table, best ways and tips on negotiations for best offer, and a complete strategy to use EPI in the best possible manner.  

epi python pdf

Coding is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is not impossible to learn. In today’s era the demand for coders is rising very rapidly and there are bright career opportunities available.

This book will guide you and assist in solving the various types of coding related problems. Each chapter begins with a small introduction, cover case study, top tips, and also gives you the review of the most important library.

 epi for python pdf Contents

I Data Structures and Algorithms 

1 Primitive Types
2 Arrays
3 Strings
4 Linked Lists
5 Stacks and Queues
6 Binary Trees
7 Heaps
8 Searching
9 Hash Tables
10 Sorting
11 Binary Search Trees
12 Recursion
13 Dynamic Programming
14 Greedy Algorithms and Invariants
15 Graphs
16 Parallel Computing 

II Domain Specific Problems 

17 Design Problems
18 Language Questions
19 Object-Oriented Design
20 Common Tools 

III The Honors Class 

21 Honors Class 

IV Notation and Index 

Index of Terms 

epi for python pdf


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