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Flowers for algernon pdf: Hello dear readers, in this article we are going to share with you the brief summary of the Daniel Keyes book Flowers for algernon. This story is about Charlie Gordon, he is a mentally disable person with an IQ of 68. He spent his day working in a bakery and attend classes at night. He was unable to read and write and in night classes he used to learn it.

Be seeing his dedication and effort, his teacher Mrs. Kinnian suggested him for cutting edge experiment surgery designed by Dr Strauss and Dr Nemur. Doctors believe that they can greatly improve the IQ by performing this operation, as they already experimented on mouse Algernon. He became super intelligent after this and Charlie competes with it and undergoes the surgery.

Flowers for algernon pdf

Initially he doesn’t feel any improvement and continues to work in a bakery and after some time he feels his intelligence and is also capable of competing with Algernon. Now he is also remembering his past lost memories and one of them was his mother Rose Gordon who resented and often brutally punished Charlie for not being normal like other children.

His sister Norma Gordon also hated him due to getting much attention from their parents. Alice helped Charlie to learn grammar and soon he became more intelligent. Charlie noticed Alice was very pretty and he asked Alice to date and it was amazing. He decided he was in love with Alice and told Alice about himself.

Then Charlie analyzes that he was more intelligent than Alice and at the same time he was fired from his bakery job. Charlie is frustrated after being fired from the job and goes to Alice’s apartment where he tries to be physically intimate but he fails. He continues to connect with Dr. Nemur and now he was more intelligent than Nemur and he also embarrassed Nemur in front of his colleague.

Charlie was horrified to know that Algernon intelligence was vanishing and he thought it could happen with him. He met with Dr. Neur and beg him to find the issue. And in the long run Charlie’s intelligence disappeared and he again became menatally disable and Algernon died.   

pdf of flowers for algernon

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