Fragile Sanctuary Catherine Cowles PDF

Fragile sanctuary catherine cowles pdf: Beware the scowl—Anson Hunt wears it like a warning sign, but I ignored it. His sexy smirk and his status as my brother’s best friend only fueled my curiosity. And when he showed up as the new contractor working on my house, I couldn’t deny the pull. 

He’s the opposite of me: grumpy, rude, and fiercely protective of his solitude. No matter how hard I try to break through his tough exterior with kindness, he remains impenetrable. 

Fragile sanctuary catherine cowles pdf  

Until the day I shatter. 

In the midst of my world crumbling around me, Anson becomes my anchor, catching me as I fall. But as mysterious accidents begin to haunt my life, it’s Anson who steps in to protect me. 

Yet, as he does, a spark ignites between us, igniting flames of desire that threaten to consume us both. But Anson harbors secrets, and when they come to light, the consequences could be devastating for us both.

About fragile sanctuary pdf 

Book Name Fragile Sanctuary
Author  Catherine Cowles
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 368
Language English
Release date May 16, 2024

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