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Help Is here pdf: Finding Fresh Strength and Purpose in the Power of the Holy Spirit by Max Lucado is a great source to get deeper knowledge on how sprit works and help us.  

A report finishing the task is delighted to report the achievement of a major milestone in the effort to fulfill Jesus’s command to make disciples of every nation. At this year finishing the task conference every remaining known unengaged unreached people group was adopted for gospel engagement. In the coming two Years a people group is a group of people without a single known worker doing evangelism and church planting in their society.  

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In many cases these unengaged unreached people groups don’t have a single believer and have never had an opportunity to hear about god’s love and god’s forgiveness. 

The conference began by presenting the 343 remaining unreached people groups to those in attendance leaders asked the over 600 missionaries strategists and pastors in attendance to roll up their sleeves and spend the week praying planning and working to get laborers to each of them. 

when final commitments were made organizations and churches far exceeded the faith goals of the conference and all 603 unique people group adoptions were indicated many people groups were adopted twice three times sometimes four times increasing the likelihood of the people.  Group receiving a team of missionaries soon or even multiple teams of missionaries. 

The body of Christ will now take the next steps in the work that of recruiting training and sending workers to these 343 groups. The commitments of these first missionaries will begin the important process of making disciples thus hastening the day when the apostle john’s vision of a great number of people from every nation tribe people and language of the earth will be standing before the throne of god that dream will be finally realized. 

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So this achievement has huge implications if we were sitting in your living room in a small group i might ask the question what the significance is of seeing a beach head of the gospel established in every single people group on the planet. 

your answers might include well people will finally know that god loves them people will hear about heaven for the first-time people will understand the meaning of grace have exposure to scripture have the opportunity to receive the power and the presence of the holy spirit within them and then after everyone had the opportunity to create that list I would like to add to that list what might be the most important reason to be excited about this report and that is the reaching of the world with the gospel is a prerequisite for the return of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus himself said in Matthew the good news about god’s kingdom will be preached in all the world to every nation then what church then the end will come Christ will come. 

We do not know when he will come but we do know that the preaching of the gospel to every nation is a prerequisite for his return so for the very first time listen to this for the very first time. 

Since the day of Pentecost when the church began for the very first time, we will enter into an era which qualifies as a season of the lord’s return. 

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