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Investing 101 pdf download: Investing is one of the trending topics that are discussed everywhere and most of the people are interested to know about it and looking to invest their money.  Generally in underdeveloped or developing countries people used to invest their money in FD’s and it’s seems the one of the safe investment method for the people, so it delivered low return for 5-9% vary country to country but after pandemic Government has decreased interest on FD in various countries like India and other and people are searching for the other means to invest their money and get higher returns. 

As we all know, even 1-3% higher returns on a yearly basis can drastically change our overall return on investment, so it is important to invest their money wisely to get the maximum return.

Investing 101 pdf download

Usually common people are aware of some of the methods of investing like fixed deposit, recurring deposits and they like to invest their money there with low return. If with the inflation our money not performing it will be undervalued and the cost of same amount will be decreased in future for example in 2021 we have 100 USD or 7400 INR and let assume inflation rate are 6% (vary country to country) means the cost of living are increasing at 6%, then our money also have to increase at 6% to cover the inflation and retain its value other it’s value will be decreased. Now 6% is only to retain its value but to get return on investment it has to grow at 10-15% per annum. 

Now the question will be arised in your mind what should i do, how to get higher return, where to invest their money, so to get the answer of all their questions here we are going to share with you the investing 101 michele cagan pdf. This book delivered the complete guide on investment for basic to advance learn. It is suitable for beginners to understand the investment from scratch to advance level. One of the famous quotes by 

Marshall Sylver is Either make your money work for you or you will always have to work for your money means if your money does not work for you then you have to work for it. 

Below we have listed some of the popular methods of investing and one of the trending investment options are stocks or equity market. People usually enter the market without having knowledge and as a result they lose their money. Stock market is a risky investment, before investment one has to acquire some basic knowledge about fundamental analysis and technical analysis and invest their money wisely in top companies. 

Methods of Investing

Popular investment options are as follows:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Precious metals
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Real estate
  • Commodities
  • Currency trading

Detail of investing 101 pdf

Book title – investing 101 michele cagan pdf
Author- Michele Cagan CPA
Format– PDF
Size–  mb
Pages– 264
Language– English
Publication- Adams Media

Table of contents of investing 101 michele cagan pdf

Chapter 1: Basic Economics
Chapter 2: What Are Stocks?
Chapter 3: Bonds, Mutual Funds, And Etfs
Chapter 4: Styles Of Investing
Chapter 5: Investing In Real Estate
Chapter 6: Currency And Commodity Trading
Chapter 7: Education And Retirement Planning
Chapter 8: Socially Responsible Investing
Chapter 9: Your Investment Portfolio
Chapter 10: Advice From The Pros

investing 101 michele cagan pdf

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