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Manusmriti pdf in hindi free download: Manusmiriti is a well known ancient religious book in hinduism that was originally written in the sanskrit language and further transcribed in many other languages. It is also known as a Dharmashastra of manav. Manusmriti has the major contribution in the formation of hindu religion and it gave the shape and right direction to the society.

According to manusmriti the whole society is divided into four varna: Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and shudra and all living being life is categorized into four ashram.

Manusmriti pdf download

It lays the base for the deep-rooted patriarchy system that still prevails in India today along with the caste system too. A girl, a young woman, or even an old woman should not do anything independently; she has to be dependent either on father/ husband/ son.

In childhood a girl should be protected under her father’s control, after marriage under her husband’s, and in old age or when husband is dead, under her son’s protection.

Detail of manusmriti pdf book

Book title original manusmriti in hindi pdf
Author Name Manu
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 192
Language English and Hindi

Table of contents of manusmriti in hindi pdf

Chapter 1st: Creation of nature
Chapter 2nd: Brahmacharya and Service of one’s master
Chapter 3rd: Marriage Rituals, Memorials for the ancestors, Shraadh, etc.
Chapter 4th: Homely values, Eating laws, 21 stages of Hell
Chapter 5th: Women’s duties, their purity and impurity
Chapter 6th: Duties of a Saint
Chapter 7th: Duties of the King
Chapter 8th: Crime, Justice, Political and Social structures
Chapter 9th: Parental Inheritance
Chapter 10th: Castes
Chapter 11th: Sins
Chapter 12th: Praise for the Vedas

Brief overview of chapters

  • The first chapter of the book deals with the different stages of origin and end of the creature. 
  • Second chapter cover the about arya 
  • Third chapter is used to describe the household stage, marriage.
  • Fourth chapter is the source of the right practices, duties and role to sustain the household.
  • Fifth chapter is about the food that describes what has to be eaten or not.
  • Sixth chapter discusses the third and fourth stages of Brahmin class.
  • Chapter seven deals with the duties and role of the king.
  • Chapter eight includes the right approach to solve the disputes between the people by the king.
  • Chapter nine discusses the duties of husband and wife towards each other. 
  • Chapter ten is about the four varna of society, their duties and the birth of the child from different castes of male and female intercourse.
  • Chapter eleven deal with the abandonment of marriage life roles and duties intentionally or unintentionally
  • Chapter twelve of the manusmriti contain 2600 shlokas along with the one’s deeds

manusmriti pdf download

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