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Mein kampf pdf download: Hey everyone, here we are going to briefly discuss the summary of Mein kampf (My struggle) by Adolf Hitler. This book will help you to know about the life of adolf hitler, his childhood, dreams, passion and much more. Hitler was born in Braunau that lies on the border of Germany-Austria. He thought it is our generation’s duty that both states should be one and Austria should merge with Germany. His parents were Bavarian by blood but technically they were Austrian. 

His father was a civil servant and his mother was a housewife. His grandfather was a poor farmer and that’s why his father had left their house at the age of 13 and moved to Vienna to learn the art of making money. He was very hard working and at the age of 17 he cleared the civil service exam and got the job.  

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After retirement he bought a farm to engage in some activity and hitler childhood also began from there. He was a very naughty and talented boy. He has read books on the Franco-German war of 1970-71 and he loves to read it and from there his passion drive to war and the military. 

His father wanted him to become a civil servant but Hitle was not interested in it and wanted to pursue a career in art and become an artist. His father has clearly declared that he will not allow him to pursue their career in arts. He was very good in History and Geography and got the highest marks in the class. 

When Hitler was 13 year old his Father died and after two year his mother also passed. Then he dreamed of becoming an artist but now the situation is very different.

Then he also decided to go to Vienna to prove himself and give the entrance exam in arts and drawing academy but unfortunately his painting was rejected and he felt sad. 

Then his situation was very miserable. He was about to die because of hunger then he joined labor work to survive. He loves to read books and sometimes he used to leave their meat to buy books. In the city of Vienna they observe Jewish and Marxist. 

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From that time he hated Jewish and thought it could be a plague for Germany. He thought Marxisit was trying to give our privilege to common men. And he assumes Marxisit is the way through which Jewsih want to rule the world. 

In 1912 he went to Munic and he loved this city because it was full of German arts. 

In 1914 the first world war began, then Hitler had decided to join the Bavarian army and post a letter and next day he received a letter with positive response and that was the happiest movement for him. He wore a military tunic that had to wear for the next 6 years and sung the national anthem. 

After that he entered the battlefield and fought many battles and was wounded some time, so he had to spend some days in the hospital to recover. Then he went to Berlin where conditions were very bad. Now he had to join a replacement camp in Munich, the city he loved but now the city was completely different. From now his hate to Jewish became stronger. 

In 1917 he was completely recovered and ready to join the fight for Germany. In November 1918 he ehrad that Germany was now a Republic country and that was the one of the saddest movements of his life. 

He decided to join politics but he was not interested in any party. He encouraged thousands of people to join the army and National socialist German worker party. 

For more detail refer to the books. 

Volume One: A Reckoning 

 1: In the House of My Parents
 2: Years of Study and Suffering in Vienna
 3: General Political Considerations Based on My Vienna Period
 4: Munich
 5: The World War
 6: War Propaganda
 7: The Revolution
 8: The Beginning of My Political Activity
 9: The “German Workers’ Party”
 10: Causes of the Collapse
 11: Nation and Race
 12: The First Period of Development of the National Socialist German Workers’ 

Volume Two: The National Socialist Movement 

 1: Philosophy and Party
 2: The State
 3: Subjects and Citizens
 4: Personality and the Conception of the Volkisch State
 5: Philosophy and Organization
 6: The Struggle of the Early Period – the Significance of the Spoken Word
 7: The Struggle with the Red Front
 8: The Strong Man Is Mightiest Alone
 9: Basic Ideas Regarding the Meaning and Organization of the Sturmabteilung
10: Federalism as a Mask
11: Propaganda and Organization
12: The Trade-Union Question
13: German Alliance Policy After the War
14: Eastern Orientation or Eastern Policy
15: The Right of Emergency Defense


mein kampf in english pdf

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