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Surah rahman pdf: Surah Ar Rahman is an Islamic text in Arabic language which is devoted to Allah. According to Islamic rituals and customs this Surah (Prayer) is the biggest which is taken from the holy Islamic text called Quran. Surah Ar Rahman is the 55th Surah and is found in 27th Parah of the Holy Quran. Surah Ar Rahman has 78 verses, 387 words and 1589 letters in total. 

Reciting Surah is considered to be key to solve various problems of life specially in illness it is recited for the procurement. As per people’s words it is said that numerous patients who had been on the verge of diseases had their diseases cured after reciting this Surah with dedication and truthfulness. 

Surah rahman pdf

Allah, is god associated with Islam has given multiple blessings in Quran’s part named Surah Ar Rahman. Thus followers of Allah recite this Surah so that they can follow the path of Allah and to get valuable blessings from Allah. His incredible gifts were made on paradise and earth. Not just the gift on earth has been referenced, yet additionally the gift in paradise. The Muslims who are loyal to Allah Almighty have gotten the uplifting news of Allah’s pardoning and unique treatment that will be given in Paradise in the hereafter. 

Surah Ar Rahman can be elaborated more when seen in the form of passages or verses. 


There are a total of 78 verses in Surah Ar Rahman whose importance is given according to order of verses. 

Verse1:In this verse God i.e., Allah narrates Quran to humans
Verses2-15: In these Verses there is given that Creator of entire universe is Allah
Verses 16-25:- In these Verses Credit to control the heavenly bodies and all other things is given to Allah.
Verses 26-30:In these verses it is  given that God is immortal but other things except Allah are mortal
Verses 31-40: Here it is explained that God will judge between the men and jinn(Jinn means Evils with bad powers with destructive intentions)
Verses 41-45:Here it is given that God will punish severely who are against humanity, in other words it can be said that Jinns will be severely punished
Verses 45-78: It is the final section of verses which explains the Elysium and its features and Nirvana of Elysium. 

Benefits of Reciting Surah Ar Rahman

According to Islamic customs and rituals, there are many benefits in reciting this Surah. Some of the most common benefits are :-

In Curing Diseases:- Surah Ar Rahman is considered as a panacea to all kinds of diseases. There are certain powers through which problems and diseases get effaced from one’ life. 

For Security:- For Security from Evils, negativity, agitations and other disturbances this Surah proves to be an Anodyne.

Problems related to Marriage:-

Problems which obstruct the marriages due to which marriages get canceled. In these cases, reciting this Surah regularly for 21 days after Namaz is adequate to nullify such problems. 

For keeping Heart Pure 

Surah makes the heart clean from envy and envious thoughts that keep on growing in mind. It regulates our body towards positivity and a feeling of philanthropy rises in our body. 

Philanthropic Heart and soul makes death relaxing and soul gets in touch with Allah in Elysium. 

When To Recite This Surah


full surah rahman pdf

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