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The 5 am club pdf: The book 5am club whose author is Robin Sharma, is a very well known writer who has also written other best selling books: The monk who sold his ferrari and The leader who had no title. 

This book the 5 am club is basically based on the morning routine and by following this routine one can achieve a healthy and productive life. We all know that early morning is good for our mental and physical health and similarly it also fills people with new energy/power that assists in boosting their performance and productivity. 

The 5 am club pdf

This 5am mantra will elevate your life to a new height. The only thing to do is control your morning and see the magic.   

According to the author our life is too small to play with our small talents. We usually make excuses, blame others, live in fears, past and doubts rather than focusing on our goal. In today’s time most of the people think their life is a mess and they didn’t even try to find the actual reason and it created their fear stronger than faith.  

Detail of the 5 am club pdf

  • Book title – the 5 am club
  • Author– Robin Sharma
  • Format– PDF
  • Size–  mb 
  • Pages– 288
  • Language– English and Hindi
  • Publication– HarperCollins Publishers

People are usually stuck with bad experiences in their life and they remain to live in it rather than move on and that creates a blunder in their life because of their past they also ruin their present and future. To achieve or to do something new is also not easy, during the process you face difficulty and discomfort and that’s why most of us don’t even try to do something different and avoid it. Many people try to postpone things and think they have plenty of time to do it later but Do not live as if you have Thousand years left. 

The movement you feel like giving up is the time to push yourself and keep working. It is recommended in many books that we have to surround ourselves with those people who give joy and peace, and contribute to our growth and development. Always try to avoid and maintain a distance from negative, fake and dramatic people because they also drag you leg in their company and you become like them.

If we take care of our morning then it will also take care of us. Each one of us likes to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life but most of us don’t like to wake up early otherwise we all become legendary. Every good habit or work will give you plenty of discomfort and those who can overcome this can conquer their goals. 

The 5am morning routine is the mother of all routines or we can say it is the first and foremost step to follow. We can’t win a race if you don’t participate, so it is important to grab the opportunities early and see the magic.

5 rules from the 5am club

  • The first rule is to take 1 hour daily for themselves and prepare their strategy. In ancient times kings also used this method to improve themselves.
  • Avoid making excuses, a small step can lead to a great change.
  • All change seems difficult in the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end.
  • If you want to be in a category of 5% people then start doing things that 95% people avoid.
  • If you think about surrender then continue your effort at the end you will win.

“The more you learn, The more you achieve”

According to the author, double your income, triple your investment in personal mastery and professional capability. To become an ordinary person there is a great competition but to be extraordinary there is no competition.

If we join the 5am club and give 60 minutes daily to ourselves then you will achieve a great result.  

the 5 am club pdf

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