The art of war PDF  

The art of war pdf: Art of War is written by Sun Tzu and is based on the military strategist but it can also play a very vital role in other areas of life like business and regular work. It is an ancient Chinese military literature.

It contains 13 chapters and from there we can learn a lot. The principle and teaching mentioned in the book are also applicable and work best in today’s times. Some countries have also added it in their military course to learn the strategy. 

The art of war pdf

The first and the important lesson of the book is before challenging any new goal be ready or prepare to pay the price. Generally we all set targets/goals in our life but avoid sacrificing their time and effort to achieve it. Setting big goals is not a big task but to achieve this one has to be ready for big sacrifices also. Before making and accomplishing a goal, there should be clarity about the sacrifice. Prepare a blueprint of your goal and write it down on the paper and make sure you are ready to do anything to achieve it. 

Planning and preparation is a very important aspect before executing anything. Planning is not everything, proper execution with planning is the important part. Constant repetition and learning from mistakes is the key to success, it will help you to stand out from the crowd. 

The battle has to be won in mind before entering into the battleground. Develop belief and faith in yourself and make sure to face challenges. To be in the right state of mind is the most crucial part. Visual or imagine your winning in your mind and see yourself successfully that will surely help in accomplishing your goal. 

To cut down the bigger goal in small one will help in accomplishing and enjoy the process. Achieving a target is a process and if you make a smaller goal then you will enjoy the process and remain eager to achieve the next one. Breaking the big goal into a small one will boost and motivate you to achieve various small goals and help in managing and accomplish bigger one. 

It is important to accept the change and modify your way, not your goals. We have to be flexible with the methods to accomplish our goal. In the journey you will face certain circumstances where it is required to change your planning. If something fails then try to adapt other methods to tackle the situation and pursue it with full energy. If you want to win the island, burn the boat. It means one has to face every situation without running back. There should be Do or Die. If you really want to accomplish your dream then burn all the excuses. 

Be ready for the worst while repairing for the best. 

sun tzu the art of war pdf

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