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The book thief pdf download: The book thief novel is written by the Australian author Markus Zusak and was published in 2005 and became one of the bestselling books. It is translated in more than 60+ languages. The book thief is a story of a 9 year old young German girl Liesel Meminger lived in Nazi Germany. 

Liesel Meminger and her mother Paula Meminger and his brother Werner travel in the train, her mother wants to leave their child to foster parents because their father was an communist and there is no information about him. But during travel her younger mother gets sick and dies in the train. After all these incidents Liesel reached  Molching Germany where her foster parents Hans and Rosa. Liesel carries a small suitcase and a book stolen from a gravedigger by seeing a book he remembers about his younger brother and her mother. Hans Hubermann was a painter and also used to play accordion and her foster mother Rosa hubermann used to do laundry.

The book thief pdf download

When Liesel reached their foster parents home, she was very weak. Then Liesel used to live with their foster parents and start their schooling where he met with a friend Rudy steiner. Liesel felt ashamed in the school and classroom because she didn’t know how to read and write and that’s why she got admission with small children when the teacher asked him to read the book she can’t do and the entire class laughed at her.  

Then she decided to learn reading and to reach home she tried to read a book and her father Hans helped to do it who was also not much educated and she liked to study in the basement of her house. 

Rudy, her best friend and Liesel spend time with each other and Rudy tries to kiss Liesel many times. They try to steal fruits from the garden because they are not rich. 

On the occasion of Christmas her foster parents give her two books she likes to read namely foster the dog and The lighthouse. As she lives in a town named Molching where Hitler ruled and in 1940 there was a birthday of Hitler and the entire town tried to impress Hitler and celebrate this occasion. And to impress Hiltler entire town burn all those books are written against hitler or banned by Hitler, suddenly a person stand on podium and speech against communist party, then Liesel realized how Nazism affect their family life and she thought behind all this there is Hitler and she hate him.

Then she try to pick a book from the burning bundle and successfully save a book from the burn and keep it aside but Iisha hermann the town’s mayor wife sees all this and say nothing. Then next day Liesel mother send her to Iisha hermann home to deliver laundry and she do it but after some time she again asked her do go and deliver laundry then Iisha hermann asked Liesel to come inside and where she see a books library and thought how much she is lucky and she helped him to arrange some books.

The story was during the second world war, her father Hans had to safeguard the Jewish man Max from Hitler and he used to give space in their basement. Her father helped this 23 year old boy because his father saved him in war and also learned accordion from him. 

So, to read the entire story in detail aspirants can refer to the complete book pdf or hard copy. 

Detail of the book thief pdf

Book title – the book thief complete pdf
Author- Markus Zusak
Format– PDF
Size–  mb
Pages– 608
Language– English
Publication- Knopf Books for Young Readers

Table of contents of the book thief free pdf

Part One- The gravedigger’s handbook
Part Two- The shoulder shrug
Part Three- Mein Kampf
Part Four- The standover man
Part Five- The whistler
Part Six- The dream carrier
Part Seven- The complete duden dictionary and thesaurus
Part Eight- The wordshaker
Part Nine- The last human stranger
Part Ten- The book thief

the book thief free pdf

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