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The fault in our stars pdf: The story begins with a teenage girl named Hazel. One day she was lay on the grass and watched towards the stars and say why we all repeat our sad story and tell to other can be changed with adorable story. Meantime she also mentioned the Peter Galvan song and she thought it is not that good to appreciate. 

Hazel is a sixteen year old girl who was suffering from fourth stage thyroid cancer that also spread in lungs. That’s why she always carries an oxygen bag with her to breathe. In the Hazel family there was their mother, father and doctor. As Hazel was suffering from fourth stage thyroid cancer her mother thought she was also facing depression and that’s why she called her to join a cancer support group named little hear of jesus. 

The fault in our stars pdf

There she made a friend who was suffering from eye cancer and Hazel usually likes to talk to him and not try to connect with other people.

Hazel’s mom forces her to join the center so that she can meet with other people and make lots of friends that will also help her to reduce their stress but Hazel tells them depression is the side effect of their death. One day she collides with a boy named Augustus and after some conversation she knows that Isaac and Augustus both are mutual friends and that’s why she also started to talk with Augustus. 

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Book title the fault in our stars full book pdf
Author John Green
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 352
Language English and Hindi
Publication Penguin Books

When Hazel and Augustus spend some time they talk about each other and Augustus tells them he also suffered from cancer and due to which he lost one leg and had to use an artificial leg. Then their friendship begins and one day Augustus invites Hazel to watch a film and she agrees. Between conversations Augustus asked Hazel to tell him about their cancer story and she told her she was diagnosed with cancer when she was only 13 years old and many treatments were given to treat but nothing worked. 

Augustus gives her a book based on their favourite video game and in return Hazel recommends a book of impartial affection (the story is based on a girl suffering from leucome) then Hazel leaves Augustus home and he tells me he will call you after completing the book. Then on meeting Augusuts tell Hazel that the book looks incomplete, its ending is surprising, there is nothing mentioned about their parents and family after her death and they both were eager to know about the ending.  

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Then he tried to contact the author and email them, then he received a reply from his manager and the author agreed to answer their questions. Hazel made a list of questions and sent it to the author and she received a reply stating that he can’t answer your questions here because you can leak them, you have to meet me where i live and he invited him to Amsterdam to meet him.

The fault in our stars full book pdf

After receiving this mail Hazel was overjoyed and told her mom that she wants to go to Amsterdam, but her mom asked her we can’t afford the expenses and you are not in position to go alone to Amsterdam. Hazel meets with augustus and tells him about their problem then Agusuts find the way to short out the issue and convince the cancer group to support their wish to Amsterdam with Hazel and he successfully arranges two tickets.  

Then after taking some treatment Hazel their mother and Augustus leave for Amsterdam they meet with the author and Hazel asks various questions but not received satisfactory answers and some of the questions left answered by the author.   

In Amsterdam Augustus shared his feelings with Hazel and told him that he loves her and Hazel also but she says it was a waste of time. One day she received a call from Augustus that he felt pain in her stomach and vomiting immediately Hazel admitted him to hospital and after digonese shocking report came and he was diagnosed with cancer again. After some days Hazel received a call that Augustus left the world and she joined his funeral where he saw Van Houten the impartial reflection book author and he told her that he was in touch with Augustus. Augustus left a letter to Hazel. 

So this was a brief overview of the book, the fault in our stars full book pdf to know in detail refer to the pdf or hard copy. 

the fault in our stars book pdf
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