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the importance of being earnest pdf: The importance of being earnest is written by Oscar Wilde. It was written in 1894, England and published in 1899. It is divided into three acts and each act consists of two parts. This act begins with a character named Algernon, who used to play piano in his flat. There is an aunt of Algernon whose name is Lady Bracknell and she has a daughter Gwendolen. Jack is a friend of Algernon and also a main character of the play. He visits his friend’s home and Algernon welcomes their friend.

Actually he came back for Gwendolen and he revealed everything to his friend and that’s why he also changed his name from Jack to Earnest. Then his aunt and her daughter came here, Algernon engaged her aunt and at the same time Jack proposed to Gwendolen as Earnest and she said yes without thinking twice.

The importance of being earnest pdf

Then her mother investigated some questions with Jack and rejected his proposal. Now the next scene begins in Jack Hertfordshire where he lives with Cecily. Miss Prism is a teacher of Cecily and she learns German from her. Miss prism goes away for some time and at the same time Algernon reaches there as Earnest and Cecily believe in her. Then Jack also arrives there but he can’t do anything, Algernon proposes to Cecily. Twist came in the story when Gwendolen arrived there in search of Jack. Cecily and Gwendolen sat together and talked, in her conversation a common thing came out that she was both going to marry Earnest. After that both real identities are revealed and now he has to face the anger of bothe ladies. 

Then Lady Bracknell arrived there to bring her daughter back but she asked if he was engaged with Jack but her mother was not for either marriage. 

Miss Prism was also there and suddenly Lady Bracknell recognised her that she stole his sister’s baby 28 year ago and she misplaced them in victoria station courtroom. At last it reveals Jack’s real name is Earnest and Algernon his younger brother, then they both marry. 

Detail of oscar wilde the importance of being earnest pdf

Book title – The Importance Of Being Earnest
Author– Oscar Wilde
Format– PDF
Size–  mb
Pages– 83
Language– English
Written– 1894
Produced– 1895
Published– 1899
Literary period– Victorian
Genre– Comedy of manner
Setting– London and countryside

The person in the Play

Jack Worthing J.P

J.P is the main character of the story. He is a busy and very responsible man and also a most respected person in Hertfordshire. He is a major landowner and he also works for justice of peace for tenants, farmers and numbers of servants and employees working under him.  

Algernon Moncrieff

He is the secondary hero of the play. He is also a member of wealthy class people and he lives a bachelorhood life in London. He is younger than J.P and not a very responsible man like John. 

Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax

She wants to marry a man whose name is earnest. She can do anything to get what she wants. She is a cousin of Algenon Moncrieff. She is a bossy, forceful, opinionated, strong idea about social protocol. 

Lady Bracknell

She is the only character in the play who is single. She is a dominant, overbearing and powerful lady. Whoever she says, is a streak of stone. She belongs to a wealthy British family. She passes the rules and traditions for the society where she lives and everybody has to obey their rule. She also discriminates on the basis of class. 

Cecily Cardew

She is simple and innocent. She also wants her husband’s name earnest like Hon. Gwendolen. She was raised in the countryside and that’s why she is not so sophisticated. 

Miss Prism

She is an actual mother of J.P. 

Rev. Canon Chasuble

He was invited to christening Jack and Algernon. 

the importance of being earnest pdf

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