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The last white man book pdf download: Hello everyone in this article is going to talk about recently released book the last white man by Mohsin Hamid who’s a British Pakistani author. Let’s talk about this book Anders is guy named who’s white and he wakes up and he’s brown he’s turned brown he’s described as like a golden peanut butter kind of color brown and he does of course he’s horrified he doesn’t know what’s going on he feels scared he’s sort of like disoriented to the beyond the point of even understanding it.

He’s just afraid to go outside of his apartment he does this thing that I think all men would admire which I think is what was really funny, big but of course he drops trout, he drops his boxer, shorts and looks at his organ and makes sure his organ is still there and everything but it has changed colors. 

The last white man book pdf

I think a lot of guys would think that was funny or girls too but, he’s turned brown and he works at a gym and he’s not sure what to do or how to deal with this but then slowly all over the country people start turning brown. 

So eventually like the whole society is just changing into brown people and then we’re not sure what’s going on if this is some sort of new apocalypse or whatever.  

This book is about loss and dealing with parental loss mainly and division like dividing between yourself, as you are when you’re younger and who you are as an adult and breaking that model.  

It’s breaking chains a lot of this book is and then also it’s sort of like about a disillusionment mixed with conflict. This book is very touching and poetic and very, it doesn’t really have like a big plot it’s just sort of a lot of like rumination and but it’s beautiful beautifully written. 

Anders wakes up he finds out that he’s turned brown he’s freaked out he doesn’t know what to do but he realizes he doesn’t have any chicken or tuna or whey powder like he’s a real fit fitness kind of person he’s a loser sort of in life like in terms of he’s not really well educated he doesn’t have like a bunch of goals. 

His mother died of ravaged by cancer his father is very ill and dying as well and he knows that he knows that he’s about to be like orphaned really, he doesn’t have the best relationship with his father he remembers his father beating him when he was younger. 

For one occasion he had a lot of fear of his father his father beat him once because of the way he handled a rifle and he could have got shot and the dad had to like beat him. 

He has a girlfriend named Oona who’s a white woman as well and they’re not really boyfriend and girlfriend when the book begins, they sort of are buddies they just kind of hang out every week and just sort of booty call each other a little bit.  

She’s not really sure if she wants to date Anders like she’s not really like completely invested in this relationship, she still sees other people and goes out on other dates but she goes over.  

There a lot he calls his gym boss and tells him look I’m sick I can’t come to work for a week the gym boss is like okay but you got to come back to work. 

The last white man book pdf by mohsin hamid

Anders is just sort of like becoming a monk and is scared and doesn’t know what to do because he’s turned brown right and he can’t quit looking at his skin and all that kind of stuff goes on goes on. 

We start to register Oona comes over and Oona is sort of selfless in a way like she’s trying to show Anders that she still identifies Anders because his smile is still there but it’s not because there’s a really great scene when he says the smile that always reminded him of his mother. 

This book is really a meditation i think on loss it really is I think this book is like heavy on its. 

Oona is trying to be supportive so she has intercourse with him even though she doesn’t really want to have intercourse with him because she doesn’t find him especially attractive at this moment but she does it anyway because she loves she likes Anders and she doesn’t want it to change. 

we find out a little bit about Oona also comes from a tremendous amount of loss her brother was her twin and he died of a drug overdose and there’s a beautiful passage of time in the novel when Hamid talks about how that happened. 

All across the nation people start turning brown and brown and brown and they get browner and browner like everybody’s turning brown for just a little bit this causes an uprising of the white people they turn into a militant kind of group that everyone’s sort of afraid of because they feel like they’re losing something like they’re going to lose their place in society.  

As white people even though it’s something that’s out of people’s control it’s never talked about like what causes this it’s not really dystopian it’s not really sci-fi it’s just sort of an examination 

It even comes for Anders because when he’s leaving the gym one day like he feels like people are starting to look at him differently there’s a young man that that was black that worked there that Anders now looks at differently because Anders is noticing in society people look at him differently and he feels a sort of kinship with this black guy that works at the janitor at the gym. 

But he’s not sure how to approach it he wants to talk to him because he’s starting to feel all these new things that he feels like this guy could probably relate to but he feels like it would be inappropriate to talk to him he doesn’t really know his number or anything like that. 

There’s a great moment in this book where Ahmed describes the rifle as an emblem of how much Anders wants to live or die because you can look at it both ways that rifle is a suicide, he could kill himself because a lot of people who turn brown in the novel kill themselves even his boss says i would have killed myself if i turned brown all that kind of stuff or he could look at it as a way to fight for his survival. 

 Discovering yourself it really is it’s just about moving beyond limitations of your past your history your skin color and everything and finding your place in the world and accepting that there’s lots of tragedy there’s lots of sorrow there’s lots of anger pain.  

All of these emotions that we all go through and just trying to find someone to connect with and that’s what he does with. Oona’s mother finally turns brown Oona turns brown they all turn brown 

It’s all brown and downtown like everyone goes brown the last white man is actually Anders father he does pass away as a white man. When people turn brown and the world gets too brown there’s not a bunch of murder and bloodshed in the streets and everything. 

It’s a beautiful book it has a lot of beautiful messages the end of the book is just a lot of passage of time. 

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