The little book of common sense investing PDF

The little book of common sense investing pdf: In today’s era investing has become very popular and there are various modes and advertisements used to engage people in investing. Investing is a very popular technique to grow your money. There are certain risks that are also associated with it, so it is good to get advice from your financier planner before investing.

We all are very much familiar with some of the renowned names in the field of investing such as Warren Buffet.  Warren Buffet is one of the richest and most successful investors in the world that most of his wealth created after his 50. He is a passive investor and believes in long term investing strategy. Investing is not a cup of tea, most retail investors lose their money in the stock market due to various factors and one of the most important factors is not following risk management. 

The little book of common sense investing pdf

Generally, common people invest their money in particular stocks without calculating risk and reward. So, to avoid all these hurdles and risk of losing their money there is a solution derived for the people to invest and grow their money that’s known as Index fund. 

In this article we are going to discuss some interesting facts and information from John C. Bogle book the little book of common sense investing. This book is a very useful book for new investors. 

Gotrocks was a very wealthy US family that owned the entire stock market.

Every member of the family owned 100% stock of the US market and he earned from dividend and company growth. Over the years he got the magic of compounding. One day financial advisor advise him to hire them he will help him to get the higher return

Then they decided to hire a financial advisor and they recommended family members to sell some of their shares to other members and buy. In all the process they got the commission and at the end Gotrocks family earning drop.

They analyze their expenses, commission and taxes are rising on frequent buying and selling of the share, so Gotrocks family decided to manage their portfolio on their own and fired their financial adviser. After some time they see the sudden growth. So, the overall conclusion is we pay various fees and commissions to financial advisors and it reduces the overall return.

So, the overall solution of the problem is to invest in a passive index fund that will give you an amazing result in the long term. 

Table of contents of the little book of common sense investing pdf

Chapter One: A Parable
Chapter Two: Rational Exuberance
Chapter Three: Cast Your Lot with Business
Chapter Four: How Most Investors Turn a Winner’s Game into a Loser’s Game
Chapter Five: Focus on the Lowest-Cost Funds
Chapter Six: Dividends Are the Investor’s (Best?) Friend
Chapter Seven: The Grand Illusion
Chapter Eight: Taxes Are Costs, Too
Chapter Nine: When the Good Times No Longer Roll
Chapter Ten: Selecting Long-Term Winners
Chapter Eleven: “Reversion to the Mean”
Chapter Twelve: Seeking Advice to Select Funds?
Chapter Thirteen: Profit from the Majesty of Simplicity and Parsimony
Chapter Fourteen: Bond Funds
Chapter Fifteen: The Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)
Chapter Sixteen: Index Funds That Promise to Beat the Market
Chapter Seventeen: What Would Benjamin Graham Have Thought about Indexing?
Chapter Eighteen: Asset Allocation I: Stocks and Bonds
Chapter Nineteen: Asset Allocation II
Chapter Twenty: Investment Advice That Meets the Test of Time 


pdf the little book of common sense investing

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