The only astrology book you’ll ever need PDF

The only astrology book you’ll ever need pdf: People who desire to learn astrology can easily get the art by hours of reading, after complete reading one can easily interpret their chart, movements, predict trends and opportunities using charts. Before going ahead, first we will know about the term astrology.

Astrology means the way of predicting the movement of planets and stars that influence people’s lives. The value in the book is presented in an easy-to-understand language, so that readers can easily get the concept and learn the technique. 

The only astrology book you’ll ever need pdf

There are many astrologers or gurus who used to interpret the future of the person on the basis of various factors and techniques that he had learned and learning, it is very important to keep updated with the latest changes and data. 

For those who have access to computers it is even more simple to perceive with the help of the CD provided with this book. After filling the birth information, this CD will present you with a complete chart. It is very useful to understand the data in a comprehensive manner and understand how it works.

The revised edition of the book includes sections on the inner life of each sign, insights on one’s relationship, emotional needs and drive.  

Along with all these, it also covers latest discoveries in astronomy, projections of world events and expanded planetary tables from 1900-2100. 

Detail of the only astrology book you’ll ever need pdf

Book title the only book you’ll ever need for astrology pdf
Author Joanna Martine Woolfold
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 766
Language English
Publication Taylor Trade Publishing

Table of contents of the only astrology book you ll ever need pdf

Part One: Sun Sign Astrology

  • Sun Signs 
  • The Sun Signs in Love
  • The Decanates and Cusps of Sun Signs 
  • Astrology and Health

Part Two: Less Well-Known Influences

  • Moon Signs 
  • Your Ascendant and Its Power 
  • You and the Planets: Their Role in Your Destiny

Part Three: Understanding Astrology

  • The Houses of Astrology
  • How to Interpret Your Horoscope 
  • Aspects and Synastry: Probing Deeper into Your Birth Chart 

Part Four: Astrology In History And Legend

  • The Story of Astrology
  • The Zodiac: The Legend behind Each Sign

Part Five: Astrology In Our Time

  • The Age of Aquarius

Part Six: An Astrologer’s Lexicon

  • An Explanation of Terms

Part Seven: Astrological Tables For The Years 1900–2100

  • Sun Tables 
  • Moon Tables 
  • Ascendant Tables 
  • Planetary Tables

Importance of astrology

There are numerous benefits and importance of astrology in people live some of them are as follows:

  • It helps in minimizing the uncertainty and guide people to move in the right path. 
  • It assists in selecting the suitable partner for a better life.
  • It forecasts the future of the people and helps them to prepare for the uncertainty. 
  • Astrological remedies aid in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influence of individual life.

the only astrology book you ll ever need pdf
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