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The power of now pdf: The book power of now A guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is written by Eckhart Tolle who is an author and spiritual teacher. The book is amongst the list of the best selling New york times books that has sold more than 2 million copies all over the world and are translated in 30+ foreign languages. 

It is an inspiration book for the people for their personal growth and also helps in the spiritual journey of the person. 

The power of now pdf

Entire books are divided into ten chapters and each chapter will move you towards new changes. So, in this article we will briefly discuss each chapter to summarize the essence of the book. 

Detail of the power of now pdf

  • Book title –the power of now book pdf
  • Author- Eckhart Tolle
  • Format– PDF
  • Size–  mb 
  • Pages– 258
  • Language– English and Hindi
  • Publication- New World Library

Summary of chapters

You are not your mind 

Generally people seek their happiness, peace, prosperity, freedom, security etc in the outer world and try to achieve it but all these things are within us or it is inside us but we never try to find it. Mind or brain is the one of the best tools if used properly and it can also be the worst if used in a wrong way.  

We assume that we are using our mind but in most cases your mind uses you, our 80% of thoughts are useless and repetitive and also affect us badly. 

Consciousness The way out of Pain 

No one’s life is free from pain, our mind usually tries to unaccept the present movement and avoid it but the person who accepts their present bears less pain and sorrow. 

To live a happy and peaceful life it is important to not create pain for yourself and others and live in the present movement of their life.  

Moving Deeply into the now

Mind itself can’t be a dysfunctional tool but when you try to seek yourself into it, it becomes an egoic mind and it completely takes over the control over your life. 

Our mind wants to remain in the illusion of past and future and avoid living in the present time. We believe that our future can be better than the present and as a result the present becomes dreadful and the future usually is the reflection of the past. 

Our future can be transformed but it needs to change or be in their present to shape their future. We usually listen to motivational videos, podcasts, books that definitely boost our morale and inspire us to achieve our goals or targets but after following their passion we start working and start doing some hard work towards our goal we realize that it is not easy, it is very far away and we left it. So, now what is the solution? Try to make smaller goals or cut down the big goals into small- small achievements and take baby steps to achieve small goals. 

Mind strategies for avoiding the now

When you experience every moment of life then it can be said you are free from time but it doesn’t mean time will stop but the most important thing is to live your present to the fullest. 

When a person does not think about their past psychological needs and their future fulfillment for their identity then it can be said he/she is free from time. 

Freedom from unhappiness

Most of the people working in public or private jobs are unhappy with their job role and work still they are doing it that makes your present movement an enemy. 

The inner body being is your deepest self

People usually consider sin words as wrong interpretations and not try to find the actual meaning so the best way is to avoid using it, you can’t experience the real taste until you taste it and it also applies to situations. Connect with your inner body and feel it from within, feel every part of your body is alive or not.  

The essence of this book is to focus and try to live in your present movement with no regret for the past and no illusion for the future. Make your present a perfect that will automatically transform your future. 

Table of contents of eckhart tolle the power of now pdf


The Origin of This Book
The Truth That Is Within You
Chapter One: You Are Not Your Mind
Chapter Two: Consciousness: The Way Out Of Pain
Chapter Three: Moving Deeply Into The Now
Chapter Four: Mind Strategies For Avoiding The Now
Chapter Five: The State Of Presence
Chapter Six: The Inner Body
Chapter Seven: Portals Into The Unmanifested
Chapter Eight: Enlightened Relationships
Chapter Nine: Beyond Happiness And Unhappiness There Is Peace
Chapter Ten: The Meaning Of Surrender


the power of now pdf

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