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The spanish love deception pdf free: I am so excited to share my opinion and this book that was released recently and it became one of my favorite books ever. It actually has all of my favorite things in the world which are the enemies to lover’s trope. It is a slow burn book, it has also this fake relationship aura which you know it’s so explicit and two characters with that huge tension. The book is this Spanish love deception by the Spanish author Elena Armas. I swear to God this was nothing that I expected and I cannot wait to read more of Elena Armas work I’m so excited so yeah let’s talk about the book.  

This story is about a 28-year-old woman called Catalina or Lena and she works in a New York engineering company. She’s successful, she’s a team leader at her job and she’s definitely a strong female character which I love and she has this coworker who is Aaron black ford and he is I think he’s thirty-one years old I don’t recall his exact age but Dana like each other. 

the spanish love deception pdf free

 They don’t stand each other actually they kind of hate each other so Carolina has a weird situation going on in kind of needs his help but OK the point is that the book is about a wedding actually Catalina’s sister’s wedding.  

That it’s coming in Catalina is Spanish the links in Spain, so she has to fly to her country and all of her family is expecting her to bring a date since she has a painful dating history so everyone is like expecting that she brings like her new American boyfriend and see how she has moved on from her last breakup and everything. 

So, it is actually exciting because she doesn’t have another choice so she has to bring that worker, she eats and by the way it’s super-hot.  

 So, there is a definitely a lot of tension between them like you can see it from the start they cannot stand each other but they do like each other they just donated but yeah this is basically, it’s a fake relation that or some kind of arrangement that they make in order for Catalina to bring him to the wedding and make her family happy.  

So that’s basically the main plot of the book now begin. The thing is that Carolina has to convince her family, that she’s happy, that she’s in love and she’s all over the moon with her new boyfriend.  

So, they have to come up with a plan with an act, so that’s really funny because they were just so happy that you never you didn’t even know that they were pretending but I love it. 

I wanna speak now about something that I really loved about the books so from now on I wanna speak about my personal experience within this book.  

the spanish love deception by elena armas pdf

So, first of all I want to say that Alina armas is a genius for me to grade up book with five stars. It has to complete some crack for example great writing good characterizations my good scenes are super important.  

And I think this was one of the things that surprised me about this book is that it was so memorable like they, there were so many beautiful moments that I completely forgot that I was reading I felt like I was living inside the book. 

So, Elena is a genius so this book literally has everything. If you love the enemies to lovers throw and if you love specially the office romance throw this book is for you and the environment lions were so powerful and memorable. It’s like the things that errand told Lena they just melt my heart, it’s like I wanna have a guy like him someday because there’s things that he told her I think that was one of my favorite things. 

The lines and the writing perfect and super funny because she also it make us a little bit of Spanish in the book even if it’s completely written in English.  

She adds some Spanish flavor and I really appreciate it because is Spanish is my first language so seeing those lines, I feel completely identified with like the cultural things from her Spanish family Oh yeah good for that. 

Anna also something that I really adore if you haven’t read the book, please escape this part because I think the things that I’m going to say right now are spoilers, so I want you to be surprised. 

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