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The untethered soul pdf: This book will help you to separate your ego from yourself and guide you to flow in the right way. If we really want to grow in our life then it is not necessary to follow all your inner calls. There is a complete guide and steps mentioned in the book that will help you to know your consciousness. Generally we merge all things with yourself like our feelings, thinking, emotions etc but in reality these all are different, it is not inherent in yourself. Self talk is like a never ending process for most of us, our inner talk remains active 24 hours in our mind that gives various suggestions, does/don’t and much more.

It is not compulsory to follow your inner talk, infact if we sit for a while and write down our inner talk on a piece of paper then we analyze most of the things that are scraped, it’s completely based on our assumption or perception. 

The untethered soul pdf Summary

If we find the wrong behavior of a person with ourselves then most of us react to him because our ego activates at that time and asks us to take revenge. Author divided self into two parts: Self (pure consciousness) Personal self (ego, self image). Our personal self doesn’t possess the habit of letting go, it will take revenge.
People usually don’t like change or we can say most of us don’t like to change in any aspect of our life and it’s like rebelling with nature. Change is constant, to grow in your life we have to adapt changes as soon as possible. Our inner energy should remain in flow and it can only be achieved by adapting changes otherwise our ego will overpower it.  

Humans basically follow a pattern, we are stuck in the past and repeatedly follow it that creates hurdles to flow energy. 

According to some research, there are 60,000 thousand thoughts that come to mind every day and the shocking part is that 50,000 thoughts are negative or we can say useless. So, it is important to replace or let go of the negative thoughts so that there is no blockage created in our mind. To tackle these thoughts it has been required to sit for 10-20 minutes in complete silence and look at these thoughts. 

In this book Michael A. Singer’s teachings to your personal experiences, that help you to allow you to dive into the teachings and make them a part of your daily life.

It will assist you to discover practices to help you gain distance from your noisy mind, tap into the deeper awareness that is your true essence, and work through the negative thoughts and emotions that restrict your potential. 

Contents of the untethered soul full pdf


Part 1: Awakening Consciousness

  1. The Voice Inside Your Head
  2. Your Inner Roommate
  3. Who Are You?
  4. The Lucid Self

Part 2: Experiencing Energy

  1. Infinite Energy
  2. The Secrets of the Spiritual Heart
  3. Transcending the Tendency to Close

Part 3: Freeing Yourself

  1. Let Go Now or Fall
  2. Removing Your Inner Thorn
  3. Stealing Freedom for Your Soul
  4. Pain, the Price of Freedom

Part 4: Going Beyond

  1. Taking Down the Walls
  2. Far, Far Beyond
  3. Letting Go of False Solidity

Part 5: Living Life

  1. The Path of Unconditional Happiness
  2. The Spiritual Path of Nonresistance
  3. Contemplating Death
  4. The Secret of the Middle Way
  5. The Loving Eyes of God

the untethered soul full pdf


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