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what we owe the future pdf free download: What we owe the future by moral philosopher William McCaskill. He is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Oxford and he assist create the successful altruism movement which is all about using reason and proof to find the best method that we can help other people. 

We’re going to talk about three lead points from the book.  

  • Firstly the idea that the future is in fact great and the people who live in the future matter. 
  • Second things are how we right now, might be living in one of the most important times in all of human history and 
  • Thirdly how you and me as creature can possibly do something crucially that assist make sure that the future goes well point.  

So, let discuss each point in detail and understand the purpose and summary of the book.  

what we owe the future pdf 

First point is the future is big like really big and future people matter: how big is the future really well homo sapiens the human race the human species has been around for around 300,000 years, but we only started agriculture about 10,000 years ago, so that’s really when things started to really take off and the life of a typical mammalian species is about a million years.  

So even if humans are just the average mammalian species, we are around for another 700,000 years which is completely huge in comparison to our past, we are not just a typical mammalian species we have the space for reason and thought.  

So, if the future goes well, we could be around for many millions if not billions of years more than the traditional classic mammalian species that means that in the grand scheme of things, we are may be in the first 1% of people.  

In the human species and the other ninety-nine of people have yet to be born, so that’s pretty good, hadn’t quite admire that before or even given it a second thought but the reason we should care about that is that we should care about the lives of these future people.  

when we look to the future and the possible scale of civilization, it’s truly huge and why does this matter, well it matters because future people matter.  

The only fact that someone will exist at a later date and time yes doesn’t change their moral, status they have just the same level of model worth and so putting these ideas together and will make just a really mesmerizing and clear argument for it. 

Second point is living at one of the most important times in all of human history: let’s begin with this timeline from 300,000 years ago when homo sapiens first start to exist to the engaging stuff. 

In the last fifty to sixty years the capacity that we have to demolish ourselves, nuclear weapons were had unrivaled, the atomic bomb had about a thousand times the destructive power of conventional weapons, the hydrogen bomb had about a thousand times greater deflective power than the atomic weapons. 

About what we owe the future book pdf

Book Name what we owe the future pdf by william macaskill 
Author william macaskill 
Format PDF
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It is like the beginning of a new era of destructive power. 

We’re also advancing faster and faster to make new technologies, so things like biotechnologies and bio weapons and artificial intelligence all of these we’re at a point where things are evolving so rapidly.  

If these things are misused or not developed correctly, they actually could cause really bad problems for the human race, for individual societies for countries, for continents and potentially even cause extinction of the human race.  

Thing that peoples are worried about but generally people are worried about the thing especially since World War II, where now we have the capacity to destroy ourselves which we never did in the past essentially.  

All it takes is for one random person one person who is trained in biology or in a biochemical lab or something and who is a little bit weird.  

If someone like that had access to the capability to genetically engineer a bio weapon that would be pretty scary and again it seems somewhat science fiction but if you imagine how many weird people there are in the world even if 0.0001 of the world’s population is a little bit unhinged. 

If technology is increasing at a rate that makes it a lot easier for people to develop bioweapons that means that we’re sitting on a real big problem on our hands that genuinely could change the course of human civilization.  

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