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Who moved my cheese pdf free download: The story who moved my cheese is based on the four imaginary characters- the mice: “Sniff” and “Scurry” and Little people: “Hem” and “Haw”. The story is very interesting and after reading the book one can easily find which character suits him/her. It is basically based on the real life of an individual and can find it very familiar with their journey.

The story is all about the changes that take place in the maze where four imaginary characters sniff, scurry, hem and haw are searching for the new cheese daily- cheese is like trope that can be recognize in the form of job, relationship, money, freedom, health, spiritual peace or anything that is important for one’s survival. 

who moved my cheese pdf

The entire book is divided into three sections- first part is A Gathering where former classmates reunited and talked about each other life, Second part is The story of who moved my cheese that is the main part of the story and the Last section is A discussion, where people try discuss what the story meant for them and how he/she can used it to improve their personal and professional life.  

In a rapidly changing world, it is very important to keep updated with the changes that are useful for us otherwise it can adversely affect people’s personal and professional life as well. 

The story begins when former classmates meet and gather for lunch. They try  to hear about each other ‘s, then conversations start and some used to share about their career and professional life. Everyone shared their story, now Michael has shared his story and said he was scared from changes and as a result he almost lost his business. Then he tells them about the funny story that changed everything for him. The story was Who Moved My Cheese- then Michael depicted the story and inspired and motivated their classmates to change their perspective to see the changes. There were two little people and two mice ran throughout the maze to look for the cheese.

They usually follow the same routine of finding new cheese and try to avoid seeing the changes take place in the maze. One day he saw there was no cheese, two mice tried to find it here and there and waited for a few days and after that he went to look for new cheese at new locations but two little people with complex brains try to remain there for cheese but fail to get. Then Haw tries to convince Hem to look for new cheese but Hem denies and forces him to be there.  After sometime Haw also moved from there and find new place with cheese. So, the story was all about the changes, people have to move with the change otherwise he will be left behind. 

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Detail of who moved my cheese pdf

  • Book title – who moved my cheese free download
  • Author– Dr Spencer Johnson 
  • Format– PDF
  • Size–  mb 
  • Pages– 96
  • Language– English and Hindi
  • Publication– Vermilion

Five lesson from who moved my cheese book pdf

  • One of the most important lessons is that change is constant which means we can’t deviate or avoid change so to be a successful person move with change and accept it as soon as possible. This is the only way to survive in the society/market/world.
  • Always try to accomplish your goals/work before the due date and move on to another target, it will give you immense energy and willingness to do or achieve your next target. 
  • To cope up with change it is important to keep an eye on it and measure the situation, so that if any change happens you can easily switch with it. 
  • First mover advantage can drastically boost your business, if you adapt the change quickly then you can continue in the market without any worry of new change. 
  • To accept the change with joy and happiness will help you to shift from old pattern to new easily and you will also enjoy the process and the whole journey will also give you some lessons that further help in growth of your business or to accomplish your goal or target.

Table of contents of who moved my cheese book pdf

Parts of All of Us

The Story Behind The Story By Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D
A Gathering: Chicago
Who Moved My Cheese?: The Story
Four Characters
Finding Cheese
No Cheese!
The Mice: Sniff & Scurry
The Little people: Hem & Haw
Meanwhile, Back In the Maze
Getting Beyond Fear
Enjoying The Adventure
Moving With The Cheese
The Handwriting On The Wall
Tasting New Cheese
Enjoying Change!
A Discussion: Later That Same Day
New Cheese

who moved my cheese free download

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