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Young goodman brown pdf free: This book young goodman brown is a short story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne and was published in 1835 in mosses from an old man. The story is all around Salem village. A young goodman brown entered at evening time in the village and kissed their wife (Faith). The word Faith is used to signify the belief or faith that we possess towards religion. Faith is a wife of a young brown wearing cap with pink ribbon.

His wife insists that he stay tonight with her and don’t leave her alone, she fears the thought of loneliness but her husband or Young goodman brown said that he can’t stay there. He had to resume their journey to complete the task and I will soon return and then we will stay together. He said we are only three months married and you have started to doubt me then faith asked him that I hope you find all good to come back. He advised Faith to pray regularly and get on bed as soon as sunset, so that you would not be afraid.  

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He feels guilty for leaving his wife alone and promises to himself not to leave her alone after completing this task and they decide to live together till death. 

Then he start their journey and walk on narrow path and follow their path with fear, in their journey he met with a person old figure and he asked him that he was waiting for you from 15 minutes and you are late then young goodman said him that faith has stop him.

The essence of this talk is that his inner soul does not permit him to walk on this path but he continues without thinking. In real life we usually do a lot of things so that our inner soul never says yes but we do it for temporary solutions. 

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Old figure carrying a stick looks like black snake and a young goodman feeling tired. The old man offers his stick to Goodman for support and tries to convince him to complete the journey and finally they resume their journey. 

Young goodman asked from old figure that my forefather has never do such things and he said he was a good christain since the day of martyr. Old figure said he very well know his forefather he lashed the quaker women through street of salem and i was with him when he set fire on Indian village. 

Then Goodman said we are a good person and do not even think about this wickedness and this type of incident is not possible in today’s time and if it happens today then we kick off from new England. 

Old man claimed that the majority of court men, generals, and priests are his supporters in his interest. 

They found a woman on their path and Goodman recognized that lady he was teaching about christanity and religion to him.  

Goodman insist old figure to change path otherwise lady will asked him about his but he refuse and continue their journey in same direction and look like goodman brown and put his stick on neck of old figure and lady suddenly scream and she recognised him as his old friend Goodman. 

She told him that she was going to attend a meeting and there was no horse so she decided to walk and then he told him to leave her on their broomstick and an old figure said that he did not carry their broomstick but he will leave her on their staff. 

This is the brief summary of young goodman brown for completing reading refer the pdf or hard copy.   

young goodman brown pdf free

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