The Vertical Diet PDF

vertical diet pdf

The vertical diet pdf: Diet mainly refers to the combinations of foods that a person or any living being takes. For the survival of living being good is important. To achieve desired results people usually follow a diet that is recommended by a nutritionist. Dieting is a never ending or we can say continuous process. … Read more

Manusmriti PDF download

manusmriti pdf

Manusmriti pdf in hindi free download: Manusmiriti is a well known ancient religious book in hinduism that was originally written in the sanskrit language and further transcribed in many other languages. It is also known as a Dharmashastra of manav. Manusmriti has the major contribution in the formation of hindu religion and it gave the … Read more

Bhagavad Gita PDF Download

bhagavad gita pdf

Bhagavad gita pdf download: The Srimad Bhagavad Gita also called as the Gita written by Veda-Vyasa in Sanskrit language. It is the Hindu religious book and also a part of Mahabharat (longest epic in the world). The entire book is categorized into 18 chapters and each chapter is built with great content.   The bhagavad gita … Read more

First aid step 2 CS 6th edition PDF

first aid step 2 cs 6th edition pdf free download

first aid step 2 cs 6th edition pdf free download: The latest Sixth Edition of First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS book has been updated to present the latest NBME (The National Board of Medical Examiners) exam pattern and worksheet items. It incorporates feedback from recent US and international test-takers to enhance the … Read more