Surah Rahman PDF

surah rahman pdf

Surah rahman pdf: Surah Ar Rahman is an Islamic text in Arabic language which is devoted to Allah. According to Islamic rituals and customs this Surah (Prayer) is the biggest which is taken from the holy Islamic text called Quran. Surah Ar Rahman is the 55th Surah and is found in 27th Parah of the Holy … Read more

Sundar kand pdf download

sundar kand pdf

Sundar kand pdf in hindi download: The Sundara kanda originally was composed by the Valmiki in the Sanskrit language. Sunder kand is also included in the Ramayana and it is the only chapter in which the hero is Hanuman not Ram. Lord Hanuman’s mother Anjani called his son Lord Hanuman as Sundara and Valmiki took … Read more

Japji Sahib PDF Download

japji sahib pdf

Japji sahib pdf: Japji sahib is a very popular sacred composition of the Guru Granth Sahib added in the beginning of the granth. Japji sahib was written by the founder of Sikh dharm Guru nank and it was composed by Guru Angad. Angad was the second guru of Sikhism among the ten. Sikhism is one … Read more

Vishnu Sahasranamam PDF

vishnu sahasranamam pdf

Vishnu sahasranamam pdf in english: Vishnu Sahasranamam is among the sacred and philosophical texts lf Hindu mythology in which description of Lord Vishnu is given. Originally this text is in Sanskrit language but it was translated further as per requirement also for the awareness and convenience in reading to the people. The Vishnu Sahasranama is … Read more

Durga saptashati PDF Download

durga saptashati pdf

Durga saptashati pdf: Durga Saptashati is the sacred and philosophical text of Hindu Mythology in which the glories of Goddess Durga are described. Durga Saptashati is also known as Chandi Paath, Devi Mahatmya or Devi Mahatmyam. In different regions of India this text is known with different names as given above. It is called Durga … Read more

Ganesh atharvashirsha PDF download

ganesh atharvashirsha pdf

Ganesh atharvashirsha pdf in Hindi free download: The Ganapati Atharvashirsha is a Sanskrit text Upanishad that reveals the real nature of everyone’s favourite – Lord Ganesha. The word Ganesha is a Sanskrit origin word that is derived by combination of Gana and Isha- Gana means a group and Isha means the Lord or master. Ganapati … Read more

Hanuman chalisa PDF Download

hanuman chalisa pdf

Hanuman chalisa pdf in hindi english download: Hanuman is an hindu deity that is the devotee of Shree Ram and an important character in the Ramayana. Hanuman is the son of vayu or also known as vayu putra.  The word chalisa means a poem of forty verses as the name suggests chalisa means forty or … Read more

Shani chalisa PDF Download

shani chalisa pdf

Shani chalisa pdf download: Shani dev is a hindi deity that is worshipped by people to get rid from bad luck and obstacles. In hindu religion there are many gods that are worshipped to gain mental peace, reduce stress and problems. Shani dev is also one of them who is specially worshipped on saturday specially … Read more

Shiv puran pdf download

shiv puran pdf

Shiv puran pdf in hindi free download: Lord shiva is the supreme dieting in the hindu religion that is also called as Mahadev who is the God of Destruction, Meditation, Yoga, Time and Dance; The Destroyer of Evil; Parabrahman, Supreme Being.  Lord shiva is the creator and destroyer of this universe. He is also the … Read more

Manusmriti PDF download

manusmriti pdf

Manusmriti pdf in hindi free download: Manusmiriti is a well known ancient religious book in hinduism that was originally written in the sanskrit language and further transcribed in many other languages. It is also known as a Dharmashastra of manav. Manusmriti has the major contribution in the formation of hindu religion and it gave the … Read more