House of Crimson Kisses PDF

house of crimson kisses pdf

House of crimson kisses pdf: In a world where power is measured by blood and secrets, two women stand at the center of a storm that could reshape the future of their city. The trials for the heir of the city have begun, and the stakes have never been higher.   Red, a hunter by birth, finds herself … Read more

Not Another Love Song Julie Soto PDF

not another love song julie soto pdf

Not another love song julie soto pdf: Ali Hazelwood promises that “the cello scene in this book will change your life” in this Reylo-inspired romance, brimming with witty repartee, deep-seated emotions, and irresistible humor.   Gwen Jackson, a professional violinist who’s self-taught, loses herself in the intricate ebbs and flows of each piece she plays—a subdued passion … Read more

The Fiance Dilemma Elena Armas PDF

the fiance dilemma elena armas pdf

The fiance dilemma elena armas pdf: In the latest romance from the New York Times bestselling author of the “swoon-worthy” (Business Insider) The Spanish Love Deception, a fake engagement, second chances, and newfound family members come together in an unforgettable story of love and redemption.   Josie Moore is no stranger to love—or to heartbreak. With four … Read more

The Darkness Within Us PDF Download

the darkness within us pdf download

The darkness within us pdf download: The Darkness Within Us is a wickedly delightful companion novel to Tricia Levenseller’s The Shadows Between Us, featuring spray-painted and stenciled edges, a metallic foil case stamp, detailed map endpapers, a deleted scene, and a ribbon bookmark.   Chrysantha Stathos has played her cards right. By disguising her sharp … Read more

Caged by Luna Mason PDF

caged by luna mason pdf

Caged by luna mason pdf: Betrayal hurts worse at the hands of someone you love. This truth has haunted me ever since the night my wife was murdered. I locked my heart up that night, vowing never to let anyone in again. There was only one possessor of a key—my little girl. And that’s how I … Read more

Fall with Me Becka Mack PDF

fall with me becka mack pdf

Fall with me becka mack pdf: From bestselling author and TikTok sensation Becka Mack comes the latest addition to her electrifying hockey romance series, “Playing for Keeps.” This installment focuses on a notorious playboy defenseman and the team photographer who changes everything for him.   New York Times bestselling author Hannah Grace praises the fourth book … Read more

A Thousand Broken Pieces Tillie Cole PDF

a thousand broken pieces tillie cole pdf

A thousand broken pieces tillie cole pdf: Embarking on a Journey of Healing: Savannah and Cael’s Story   Three years ago, Savannah Litchfield’s world shattered when her beloved sister, Poppy, passed away. Now seventeen—the same age Poppy was when she died—Savannah finds herself drowning in grief, struggling to find a way forward. Despite her reluctance, her … Read more

The Rom Commers Katherine Center PDF

the rom commers katherine center pdf

The rom commers katherine center pdf: She’s rewriting his love story. But can she rewrite her own? Emma Wheeler has always dreamed of becoming a screenwriter. She’s dedicated her life to studying, obsessing over, and crafting romantic comedies—good ones that win contests!   But her aspirations have been on hold as she’s taken care of … Read more

Not in Love by Ali Hazelwood PDF

not in love by ali hazelwood pdf

Not in love by ali hazelwood pdf: Prepare to be swept away in a tale of forbidden love and corporate intrigue with the latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Ali Hazelwood.   Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Rue Siebert navigates the complexities of her career, her heart, and a secret … Read more

Play Along by Liz Tomforde PDF

play along by liz tomforde pdf

Play along by liz tomforde pdf: I’m the only woman on staff for the Windy City Warriors, a distinction that’s been as much a challenge as it has been an honor. Navigating the pitfalls of a male-dominated environment, particularly under a sexist lead doctor, has tested my patience and resolve.   But I’ve always had my … Read more