A Thousand Broken Pieces Tillie Cole PDF

A thousand broken pieces tillie cole pdf: Embarking on a Journey of Healing: Savannah and Cael’s Story  

Three years ago, Savannah Litchfield’s world shattered when her beloved sister, Poppy, passed away. Now seventeen—the same age Poppy was when she died—Savannah finds herself drowning in grief, struggling to find a way forward. Despite her reluctance, her therapist suggests a unique opportunity: a trip around the world designed to help teens who have experienced significant loss.

A thousand broken pieces tillie cole pdf

With Poppy’s unread journal as her guide, Savannah reluctantly agrees, hoping the journey might bring her the solace she desperately needs.  

Cael Woods is no stranger to pain. A year after losing his older brother, the person he idolized, Cael’s life has spiraled into a void of anger and despair. Once a promising hockey player, he now can’t step onto the ice without being overwhelmed by memories.

His parents, desperate to help him heal, sign him up for the same global journey for grieving teens. Despite his resistance, Cael decides to give it a chance, though he doubts it will make any difference.  

As the journey unfolds, Savannah and Cael’s relationship deepens. What starts as a friendship rooted in shared pain blossoms into something more profound. They become each other’s anchor, a source of strength and hope.

A thousand broken pieces pdf 

The harder they fall for each other, the more they heal, piece by broken piece. Through laughter and tears, they learn that love and loss are intertwined, and that embracing both is essential for moving forward.  

In the end, Savannah and Cael’s journey is not just about overcoming grief. It’s about finding a new way to live with it, about honoring their siblings’ memories while creating their own. Their story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a reminder that even the most shattered hearts can be made whole again, given time, support, and a willingness to heal.  

Join Savannah and Cael on their unforgettable journey, and discover the transformative power of love, loss, and the courage to embrace life’s unpredictable path.

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Book Name A Thousand Broken Pieces
Author  Tillie Cole
Format PDF
Size mb 
Language English
Release date July 23, 2024

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