Apprentice to the Villain PDF

Apprentice to the villain pdf: We’re thrilled to announce a LIMITED FIRST PRINT RUN of our latest novel, featuring stunning spray-painted edges.  

This exclusive edition is available while supplies last in the US and Canada only. Don’t miss out on this unique collector’s item that adds an extra touch of magic to your bookshelf! Evie Sage has never been happier to be the assistant to The Villain. Who would have thought that working for an outrageously handsome (shhh, bad for his brand) evil overlord would be so rewarding?  

Apprentice to the villain pdf

Still, the business of being bad is demanding, the forces of good are annoyingly persistent, and said forbidding boss is somewhat…er, out-of-evil-office.  

But Rennedawn is in grave trouble, and all signs―Kingsley’s included―point to catastrophe. Something peculiar is happening with the kingdom’s magic, and it’s made The Villain’s manor vulnerable to their enemies…including their nemesis, the king.  

Now it’s time for Evie to face her greatest challenge: protecting The Villain’s lair, all his nefarious works, and maybe (provided no one finds out) the entire kingdom. No pressure, Evie.  

Evie’s journey from an efficient assistant to a formidable force in her own right is nothing short of extraordinary. With The Villain temporarily out of the picture, Evie must navigate the treacherous waters of magical conspiracies, sinister plots, and relentless heroes. Her tasks include:  

  • Treason: Mastering the art of betrayal. 
  • Dagger Work: Sharpening her skills, literally. 
  • Conspiring with the Enemy: Finding common ground with sworn foes. 

Assistant to the villain book 2 pdf 

Each challenge is more exhilarating than the last, pushing Evie to step out of her comfort zone and embrace her dark side. It’s all so…so…delightfully fun.  

But what happens when the assistant to The Villain is ready to become his apprentice? As Evie hones her skills and deepens her understanding of true villainy, she finds herself at a crossroads.  

The line between assistant and apprentice blurs, and Evie must decide whether she’s content to remain in the shadows or step into the spotlight of darkness. 

Will she seize this opportunity to carve out her own path in the annals of evil, or will she continue to support The Villain from behind the scenes? One thing is certain: Rennedawn’s fate hangs in the balance, and Evie Sage might just be the hero―or anti-hero―it desperately needs. 

Grab your copy of this exclusive edition and dive into the world of magic, mayhem, and mischievous fun. Limited quantities available, so act fast before this treasure vanishes into the realm of legends!

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Book Name Apprentice to the Villain
Author Hannah Nicole Maehrer
Format PDF
Size mb 
Language English
Release date August 6, 2024

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