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Caged by luna mason pdf: Betrayal hurts worse at the hands of someone you love. This truth has haunted me ever since the night my wife was murdered. I locked my heart up that night, vowing never to let anyone in again. There was only one possessor of a key—my little girl. And that’s how I thought it would stay.  

But fate has a way of twisting our most ironclad resolutions. Enter my beautiful d’yavolitsa, a devilish enchantress, who turned up one night covered in blood, begging for my help. She caught me off guard, preyed on my weakness, and set free my caged heart.  

Caged by luna mason pdf

In that moment, she became mine. Mine to keep, cherish, and if necessary, tear the world down for. Little did I realize that loving this woman would be the end of everything as I know it. The fate of our empire rests in her hands. The secrets she keeps will shatter us both.  

Yet, not everything is always as it seems. In this intricate dance of power, deception, and passion, we’re forced to confront the ultimate truth: when every card is stacked against us, we must play on the same team to survive.  

Our world is on the brink of collapse. We stand at the precipice, ready to burn together and unleash hell. In this inferno, trust is a luxury we cannot afford. Every decision is fraught with peril, every move a gamble with devastating stakes.  

This is not just a story of love and betrayal; it is a tale of redemption and ruin, where the heart’s desires clash with the mind’s fears. As we navigate this treacherous path, one thing is certain: in order to survive, we will burn together, forging a new destiny from the ashes of the old.

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Book Name CAGED (Beneath The Secrets Book 2)
Author  Luna Mason
Format PDF
Size mb 
Language English
Release date June 27, 2024

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