God of War by Rina Kent PDF

God of war by rina kent pdf: From USA Today bestselling author Rina Kent comes a new standalone enemies-to-lovers, marriage of convenience romance.  

I fell for the villain. It happened back when I was a clueless girl. But he ruthlessly broke my heart and trapped it in a jar. Since then, I’ve sworn to hate him to the end of my days. Eli King might be a savage devil, but I’m out of his way. And league.  

God of war by rina kent pdf

That is until I wake up in a hospital and find him holding my hand. He tells me the words that change my life forever:  

“We got married two years ago, Mrs. King.”  

So I set out to investigate how I landed myself into this marriage. Turns out, my memories are darker than my present. I thought I was ready for the hurricane. I thought I could handle his soulless eyes and cold shoulder.  

I thought wrong.  

Nothing can stop my husband. Not the secrets surrounding us. Not the hatred between us. Not even me.  

This book can be read on its own, but for a better understanding of the world, you might want to start with God of Malice.

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Book Name God of War: An Enemies to Lovers Marriage Romance
Author Rina Kent
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 533
Language English
Release date June 13, 2024

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