Hello Tease Kelsie Hoss PDF

Hello tease kelsie hoss pdf: Men view love as a game. One you can walk away from.  

At least that’s what the men in my life have taught me. My dad ran off when I was young, and just when I thought I was getting my own happily ever after, my ex left me on my own with two kids.  

Hello tease kelsie hoss pdf

Trying to pick up the pieces, I moved to a small town where I could have help from my children’s grandparents. I think I know what to expect from small-town life. Until I meet my new neighbor.  

Knox Madigan. Local hero. Great smile. So hot I’m sure I’d be burned if I got too close.  

Literally. He and my kids are in a major prank war. From whoopie cushions in my bed to snapping fireworks under my front door mat, I’ve witnessed it all. But I can’t hold it against him because my kids are smiling more than I’ve seen since their dad left.  

Every meddling person in this town thinks we’d be the perfect match, but I know better. 

History’s shown men view love as a game, and he’s an expert. But I can’t afford to play with my heart again. Especially since it’s not just my heart on the line.

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Book Name Hello Tease
Author  Kelsie Hoss
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 330
Language English
Release date May 24, 2024

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