The Mist Thief LJ Andrews PDF

The mist thief lj andrews pdf: She tried to kill him, so he made her his wife.  

In a realm where shadows and magic intertwine, Skadi met her future husband on the battlefield, swords clashing in a fierce and fateful encounter. She fought bravely, but ultimately, she was bested. Her defeat marked the beginning of an unforeseen destiny. The king of the shadow elves decreed that Skadi would marry Jonas, a prince from the fae realm, as a strategic alliance to unify their kingdoms against a common adversary—the light elves.  

The mist thief lj andrews pdf

Skadi knew this marriage was a tactical move, devoid of true emotion. Or so she believed.  

Entering the marriage, Skadi was fully aware that it was a political necessity. She anticipated a cold, calculated partnership without any personal connection. But Jonas, her new husband, defied her expectations.  

Despite the political backdrop of their union, Jonas was warm, considerate, and charming—a complex and morally nuanced figure who began to thaw the icy barriers around her heart.  

Step into the captivating world of the Ever Seas, where pirates, fae, and elves weave a tapestry of intrigue, romance, and adventure.  

In this dark fantasy saga, the morally ambiguous meet the emotionally wounded, and love blooms against a backdrop of political machinations and impending war.  

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From Enemies to Eternal Love is a standalone novel that promises happiness ever after (HEA).  

While it can be savored on its own, those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the story’s nuances may benefit from reading The Ever King/Queen duet first. 

This tale unfolds in the same enchanting universe as the bestselling Broken Kingdoms series, offering a fresh yet familiar adventure. Readers are advised to check the list of content warnings inside for a complete reading experience.   

Join Skadi and Jonas as they traverse their perilous path from adversaries to soulmates. Feel the tension, passion, and exhilaration of their journey in this dark fantasy romance.  

Discover the Ever Seas, where alliances are forged in the heat of battle, and love emerges in the most unexpected places.

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Book Name The Mist Thief
Author LJ Andrews
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 506
Language English
Release date June 30, 2024

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