The Next Best Fling Gabriella Gamez PDF

The next best fling gabriella gamez pdf: Two heartbroken individuals decide the best way to move past their first loves is with a no-strings-attached fling in this spicy and delightful debut romance.  

Librarian Marcela Ortiz has harbored secret feelings for her best friend for years—and when he gets engaged, she realizes it’s high time to move on.  

The next best fling gabriella gamez pdf

However, she faces a bigger issue when Theo Young, ex-NFL player and older brother of the man she loves, plans to declare his feelings for his brother’s fiancée at their engagement party.  

Marcela intervenes to stop him—despite the temptation to let him disrupt the wedding.  

She convinces Theo to sleep off his drunken almost-confession at her place, and when they show up at a family brunch together the next day, everyone mistakenly believes they’ve hooked up.  

With Theo needing a cover for his feelings for the bride and Marcela needing a distraction from her unrequited love for the groom, they decide to maintain the charade.  

One late night at a bar, their attraction ignites, revealing a chemistry neither had anticipated. They soon find themselves exploring this newfound connection, whether in the library aisles or Marcela’s bed.  

Their rebound relationship knows no bounds—only a mix of complicated emotions, messy family dynamics, and secrets that threaten to pull them apart before they can admit that their arrangement is working. Maybe a little too well.

About the next best fling epub

Book Name The Next Best Fling (Librarians in Love)
Author  Gabriella Gamez
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 377
Language English
Release date July 9, 2024

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