Assistant to the Villain Hannah Nicole Mae PDF

Assistant to the villain hannah nicole mae pdf: Imagine Once Upon a Time colliding with The Office in a side-splitting fusion. Hannah Maehrer’s uproarious viral TikTok series turned novel introduces us to the endearing assistant of an Evil Villain, and the unexpected romantic twists that follow.  

ASSISTANT WANTED: Seeking a dedicated assistant for a notorious high-ranking villain. Responsibilities include managing assorted office tasks, aiding in staff coordination for random chaos, and assisting with Dark Things In General. Absolute discretion required. Exceptional perks included.  

Assistant to the villain hannah nicole mae pdf

In the quest to support her ailing family, Evie Sage’s employment status holds utmost significance. Thus, when an unfortunate encounter with Rennedawn’s most infamous Villain culminates in a job offer, she readily accepts.  

Of course, no position is flawless. Yet, complications escalate when she finds herself nursing a minor crush on her formidable, hot-tempered, and oddly appealing boss. Keep your composure, Evie―evil isn’t meant to be irresistible.  

Just as she’s growing accustomed to the sight of suspended severed heads and the occasional squish of an errant eyeball, a suspicion takes root: a gigantic rat, metaphorical rather than literal, seems to plague the dungeon.  

Assistant to the villain free pdf

A noxious force festers in the kingdom of Rennedawn, harboring ambitions to dethrone the Villain and dismantle his malevolent realm.  

Now, Evie’s task involves not only suppressing her boss-induced infatuation but also unveiling the saboteur behind his work. The objective is clear: ensure that the culprit pays the price. 

After all, a worthwhile job isn’t easily stumbled upon. 

LIMITED FIRST PRINT RUN―includes unique spray-painted edges, available while supplies last. 

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Book Name assistant to the villain download
Author  Hannah Nicole Maehrer
Format PDF
Pages 352
Size mb 
Release date August 29, 2023
Language English

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