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Iron flame by rebecca yarros pdf: “Iron flame pdf download” is written by Rebecca Yarros and published by Entangled: Red Tower Books on November 7, 2023. The book contains over 640 pages. From the acclaimed author Rebecca Yarros, whose previous work “Fourth Wing” was a TikTok sensation and a Radio Two Book Club pick, comes the highly anticipated sequel.  

Initially, everyone expected Violet Sorrengail to perish in her first year at Basgiath War College, including Violet herself.

Iron flame by rebecca yarros pdf 

However, the Threshing test was just the beginning of a series of incredibly challenging trials meant to filter out those lacking strong determination, worthiness, or luck.  

The true training has now commenced, and Violet is already anxious about how she’ll manage to endure it.  

The difficulty isn’t merely due to the rigorous and brutally demanding nature of the training, or even the intention to push the students beyond their pain thresholds.  

The college’s new assistant head poses a predicament – he’s resolute in demonstrating Violet’s vulnerability, unless she betrays her beloved.

Iron flame rebecca yarros epub  

Despite her potentially frail physique, Violet possesses intelligence and unwavering determination. She holds onto the pivotal lesson she learned at Basgiath: Dragon riders establish their own principles.  

Yet, this time around, sheer determination to survive may fall short.  

Violet holds knowledge of an ancient, concealed secret at Basgiath War College – a secret that has been safeguarded for centuries. It’s uncertain if anything, even the power of dragon flames, will suffice to rescue them all in the end.  

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Book Name iron flame read online
Author  Rebecca Yarros
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 512
Language English
Release date November 7, 2023 

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