Burn of the Everflame PDF

Burn of the everflame pdf: “Thrones will shatter, knees will bend. What was forgotten will rise again…”  

War has engulfed Emarion. In the north, Ophiucae and his army of bloodthirsty mortals seek to wipe out all Descended from the continent. In the south, the Guardians of the Everflame wait in the shadows, plotting a rebellion generation overdue.  

Burn of the everflame pdf

In Lumnos, the Realm of Light and Shadow, the Crowns convene. Caught between two deadly foes, they must forge an unlikely alliance to safeguard their people.  

But the Crowns harbor a secret—and a heart without its mate will incinerate the world to fulfill its destiny.  

Hatred reigns. Hope wanes. With the future veiled in darkness, can a flame emerge to illuminate the path forward?  

“Burn of the Everflame” ignites the conclusion to The Kindred’s Curse Saga. Join our fearless, badass heroine Diem Bellator as she confronts injustice, navigates treacherous palace politics, and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and love. 

This slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers series beckons to fans of unique magic systems, dragons, angst, and romantic tension, spiced with irreverent banter.  

For lovers of plot-rich, character-driven romantasy like A Court of Thorns and Roses, Throne of Glass, From Blood and Ash, Gild, Shadow & Bone, and The Serpent & the Wings of Night, don’t miss out on Burn of the Everflame!

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Book Name Burn of the Everflame: The Kindred’s Curse Saga
Author  Penn Cole
Format PDF
Size mb 
Language English
Release date June 1, 2024

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