The Puck Decoy EPUB Free Download

The puck decoy epub free download: Dive into the thrilling world of hockey, where dreams clash with unexpected twists in “The Puck Decoy,” the captivating second installment of the Fairfield U series!  

For Tyler, hockey isn’t just a sport—it’s his passion, his purpose. But when family obligations intervene, he finds himself facing a curveball he never saw coming. Forced into a business marriage to protect his sister, Tyler must navigate uncharted territory, all while balancing his aspirations for the NHL.  

The puck decoy epub free download

Amidst the chaos, Tyler’s path intertwines with that of his sister’s best friend, Hallie Rose Sanders. As the lines blur between friendship and something more, Tyler is confronted with a dilemma: follow his heart or honor his commitment.  

Join Tyler and Hallie on a journey of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery as they navigate the tumultuous waters of college, hockey, and unexpected romance. 

With plenty of spice, banter, and heart-pounding emotions, “The Puck Decoy” promises a read you won’t soon forget!  

Get ready to cheer for love and triumph over adversity in this electrifying college hockey romance. Grab your copy now and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Tyler and Hallie!

About the puck decoy pdf

Book Name The Puck Decoy
Author  G.N. Wright
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 402
Language English
Release date May 31, 2024

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