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Super king viking land a branches book pdf: “Press Start” is a book series written by Thomas Flintam and the first book was published in 2016. Thomas Flintam is a full time doodler and illustrator who loves to draw and tell stories. He has written and illustrated the bestselling Press Start series.

His full color artwork adds energy and fun to this action paced, gaming themed series that will keep readers engaged and entertained from beginning to end. The story of “Press Start” follows the adventures of  two friends, Max and Ellie, where they enter into different video games and play as the characters of a video game.

Super king viking land a branches book pdf

The series is a perfect blend of action, humor and adventure that makes readers get attached to this book series. The first book in the series “Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy” which was released in 2016, has gained a massive fan following as soon as its release. The same craze is carried all the way to this book, a 13th part of the series.

The 13th part of the book series “Super King Viking Land!: A Branches Book (Press Start! #13)” is all set to release on 4th April 2023. Fans are eagerly waiting for its release and most of them are pre ordering books on e-commerce websites. The book series offers high interest content, fast paced plots and illustrations on each and every page to boost the reading stamina.

In the latest installment, the villain becomes the hero as Sunny’s dad enters Super World as King Viking himself. In order to get off a faraway island, King Vking has to become the hero and help Captain Trevor to fix his boat and get away from the island. But there is a monster on the island and needs to be defeated to get away from the island.

King Viking is not good at playing games and struggles to find the supplies that are required to defeat the island monster. Super Rabbit Boy, an exciting character makes an appearance in this action adventure game which definitely multiplies the excitement and humor of the story.

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The author has a unique style of writing the books  where every page attracts the readers. This unique style made “Press Start”, a bestselling book series. “Super King Viking Land!: A Branches Book (Press Start! #13)” is also no exception from the unique writing style which brings entertainment from beginning to the end.

One of the key features of “Super King Viking Land!: A Branches Book (Press Start! #13)” is its focus on the importance of being a hero. This entertaining book also successfully delivers a message that is very required in today’s world. That is the book shows how even the most unlikeable character, a villain, can become a hero when faced with difficult challenges.

This becomes an important message to the readers and teaches them anyone can become a hero, regardless of their background when faced with challenges and how effectively they tackle those challenges. The book also highlights the value of teamwork and trust. King Viking, who is new and doesn’t have any knowledge of playing games, is given an important task of defeating the monster which he cannot do alone. So he seeks the help of Captain Trevor and Super Rabbit to succeed in the mission and get off the island.

By working together they can overcome even the most challenging situation when there is trust between them. This is another important message to the readers, because in today’s world everyone is trying to do all the things alone and mostly cannot do the tasks.

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But when there is someone who is ready to help and rely on gives a sense of confidence that the task can be achieved in time no matter the level of task.  

“Super King Viking Land!: A Branches Book (Press Start! #13)” also emphasizes the importance of planning, problem solving and perseverance. As these qualities are very required for efficiently completing the task. King Viking encounters several challenges throughout the book, but he never gives up which brings out the quality of perseverance.

He continues to search for the solution until he can find one and overcome the obstacle/ challenge. However, the book is sure to bring out the fun and excitement for the readers and additionally it gives out the most important messages to the readers making it an ideal book for any level of reader.

Overall, “Super King Viking Land!: A Branches Book (Press Start! #13)” is an excellent addition to the Press Start series. It focuses on the importance of being a hero, teamwork, problem solving and perseverance making it an engaging and educational read for readers. The book’s fast paced plot, humor and colorful illustrations makes it a fun and entertaining read from children to senior citizens.           

Press start book 13 pdf details

Book Name Super King Viking Land!: A Branches Book
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 80
Author Thomas Flintham
Language English
Release date  April 4, 2023

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