The Princess in Black and the Prince in Pink PDF

The princess in black and the prince in pink pdf: “The Princess in Black” is a popular children’s book series written by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale. Shannon Hale and Dean Hale are husband and wife writing team who have combined and worked on many books for children and young adults. Shannon Hale is an award winning author who has written numerous books, including “Princess Academy” and “Books of Bayern” book series.

Dean Hale is a writer and graphic novelist who has worked on several projects for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Together, they have written many books like “Rapunzel’s Revenge”, “Ever After High” and “The Princess in Black” which became a New York Times bestseller.

The princess in black and the prince in pink pdf

“The Princess in Black ” book series follows the adventures of Princess Magnolia, who leads her life as a double. On the surface, she appears to be a typical Princess Magnolia and has a secret identity as “The Princess in Black”, a superhero who fights monsters and goes on epic adventures.

The series is a fun and exciting read which is perfect for young growing children who enjoy action and adventures.  The series currently has 9 books, with the first book “The Princess in Blank” which was released in 2014. In each book Princess in Black must face a new challenge and carry on an adventure to overcome the challenge.

The 10th book “The Princess in Black and the Prince in Pink” is all set to release on 11th April 2023 where the Princess in Black goes on another exciting journey.

In this latest installment of the series, Princess Magnolia is getting ready for the Flower Festival ball. But at the same time she hears a commotion where an angry emu runs loose and Princess is not ready to fight the emu. But surprisingly at the Flower Festival, a knight in shining armor appears to save the princess from the angry emu.

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This knight is Prince Valerian, who also has a secret identity known as “Prince in Pink” who is eagerly waiting for a chance to showcase his special skills. Unfortunately, the angry emu destroys the princess’s prized decorations at the ball. But using the help of Price Valerian, the Princess restored the decoration of the ball.

However the story doesn’t end here, the angry emu returns once again, this time it is not alone but with a group of his own kind. Now it’s up to Princess Magnolia and Prince Valerian to save the day once again and we get to see a team effort to stop the emu gang. The book is a great read for children who love adventure, heroism and a touch of glamor. The characters and scene are relatable and can root for their favorite.

The book is filled with unexpected twists and turns which makes it very exciting and creates a lot of fun while reading the book. It also teaches valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance and the importance of helping others.

One of the best things about the book is that it brings gender equality and also does good work in showing gender stereotypes, as Prince Valerian wears pink and is not afraid to show his softer side. This sends a very important message to young readers that they should feel free to express their true feelings and be truthful to themselves without worrying about societal expectations.

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Apart from the entertaining aspect of the book, it also has a lot of educational aspects that give valuable lessons in a funny and understandable way. It teaches children about different types of animals as well as the importance of taking care of the environment and helping the people in need. The book also emphasizes the value of friendship and how it can help us to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

The book is full of action, adventure and humor that children will love. Princess Magnolia is a strong and independent character who is not afraid to face monsters and save people.

Her bravery is admirable and children will enjoy following her adventures. The authors have done an excellent job at creating a unique and exciting world that will capture the imagination of young readers.

The description of the Flower Festival and its decorations are beautiful and swoonworthy. The usage of illustrations is a highlight of the book. These illustrations help to bring the characters to life, making them even more relatable to young readers.

Overall, “The Princess in Black and Prince in Pink”  is a wonderful addition to the “The Princess in Black” series. The usage of colors and the environment is very beautifully designed which is an attractive feature for children. This book is not meant for only children, but for anyone who wants to have genuine entertainment and fun this is a good book.

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Book Name The Princess in Black and the Prince in Pink
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 96
Author LeUyen Pham
Language English
Release date  April 11, 2023



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