Komi Can’t Communicate Volume 24 PDF

Komi can’t communicate volume 24 pdf: Komi Can’t Communicate is a manga series written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda. Tomohito Oda is known for his clean and detailed line of work and his ability to capture the emotions and expressions of his characters. He has been praised for his ability to create relatable and engaging stories that resonate with readers.

One such work is “Komi Can’t Communicate” which has become quite popular since its release. This manga has captured the hearts of readers worldwide with its endearing characters, relatable themes and charming illustrations. The story revolves around a high school girl named Shoko Komi who is known and admired for her beauty and intelligence. She has a dream of making 100 friends.

Komi can’t communicate volume 24 pdf

However despite her many positive qualities Komi suffers from a communication disorder that makes it difficult for her to talk to others. One day a boy named Hitohito Tadano who is the only one who notices Komi’s struggles and offers to help her to make friends and communicate with others.

The base for the story may be simple but the execution makes “Komi Can’t Communicate” a standout manga. Till now this manga has 25 volumes in Japanese language and 23 volumes in English language.

The 24th volume in the English language is expected to release somewhere in April 2023. The volume 24 contains 11 chapters from chapter 314 to 324. The main characters that appear in this volume are Komi Shouko, Tadano Hitohito, Najimi Osana, Manbagi Rumiko and Komi Shousuke. 

In this latest installment of the series “Komi Can’t Communicate Volume 24” we get to see the continuation of Komi and Tadano’s relationship. The volume opens with White Day, a holiday in Japan where guys give gifts to girls to thank them for their Valentine’s Day chocolate.

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However, the boys of Itan High have decided to put their own spin on the holiday resulting in some interesting and humorous moments. While Tadano may be giving Komi and her friend Manbagi a simple present, he has a more significant question to ask. The two have finally started dating, but their relationship is more awkward than ever.

It’s the first time either of them has been in a real relationship and Komi struggles to express her overflowing feelings to Tadano even having trouble holding his hand.  

One of the strengths of “Komi Can’t Communicate Vol.24” is its ability to capture the struggles and insecurities of teengers particularly those with social anxiety. Komi’s journey to make friends is relatable to many readers who have experienced similar challenges in their own lives. The manga does an excellent job of portraying the internal struggles of the characters while also being humorous and lighthearted.

Another strength of the series is its character development. Over the course of the series we have seen Komi and Tadano grow and change as they interact with each other and other characters. In this volume, we see a more vulnerable side of Komi as she tries to navigate her new relationship with Tadano.

We also see the continued development of Manbagu who has a crush on Tadano but ultimately decides to support Komi and Tadano’s relationship. The artwork in “Komi Can’t Communicate Vol.24” is also impressive. Oda’s art style is clean and easy to follow with expressive characters that convey a range of emotions.

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The manga also makes effective use of visual storytelling with scenes that often convey a lot of information without the need for dialogue. The entire mangs series had also gained attention for its portrayal of mental health issues.

Komi’s struggles with social anxiety and communication are portrayed in a sensitive and realistic manner, Her experience and emotions are relatable to readers who have dealt with similar issues and the series emphasizes the importance of seeking help with struggling with mental health.

The series also has been adapted into an anime and has gained a larger following both in Japan and internationally. Its popularity can be attributed to its relatable characters, heartfelt story and Oda’s excellent artwork. It’s a must read for fan’s of manga and anyone looking for a heartwarming and humorous story about friendship and love.

Overall, “Komi Can’t Communicate Vol.24” is another excellent addition to the series. It continues to capture the struggles and joys of teenage life while also providing plenty of humor and heartwarming moments. The volume ends with a cliffhanger that leaves readers eager to see what happens next in Komi and Tadano’s relationship.     

Komi can’t communicate vol 24 pdf details

Book Name Komi Can’t Communicate, Vol. 24
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 196
Author Tomohito Oda
Language English
Release date  April 11, 2023


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