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Yours truly abby jimenez pdf download: Yours Truly written by Abby Jimenez is a delightful romantic novel that is sure to make readers laugh, cry and feel emotional in equal measure. The novel follows the story of Dr. Briana Ortiz whose life seems to be falling apart from all kings of situations.

Her divorce is almost finalized, her brother is in dire need of a kidney donor and her new colleague Dr. Jacob Maddox is already proving to be a nuisance. However everything changes when Jacob sends Vriana a letter that completely flips the game. The letter that Briana receives from Jacob is a really good letter proving that Jacob is not an evil person that Briana has assumed him to be.

Yours truly abby jimenez pdf download

In fact he turns out to be a funny, likable guy who is terrible at making a good first impression. Despite their rocky start, Briana and Jacob begin exchanging letters and before long they are sharing dates for lunch. The story takes an unexpected turn when Jacob offers to give Briana’s brother a kidney which is the best gift imaginable for Briana given her brother’s situation.

As Briana gets to know Jacob better she finds struggling to resist his charms and when he calls in a favor she can’t refuse. She realizes that her feelings for him run deeper than she had anticipated.

The story is truly romantic which connects almost every reader. One of the best things about “Yours Truly” is the character development. Briana is a relatable and flawed protagonist and her struggles with her divorce, her brother’s illness and her feelings for Jacob are all depicted with great sensitivity and depth.

Similarly, Jacob’s character is well developed and his journey from being a misunderstood outsider to Briana’s love interest is both heartwarming and funny. The humor is another standout feature of the book.

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Abby Jimenez has a knack for writing witty, laugh out loud dialogue that will have readers chuckling to themselves long after they’ve finished reading. The play between Briana and Jacob is particularly enjoyable and their conversations are cleverly written. 

The romance between Briana and Jacob is sweet and steamy. Briana and Jacob’s relationship develops slowly and organically and readers will find themselves rooting for them from the very beginning. The scenes between them are filled with genuine emotion and their chemistry is very good. 

In conclusion, “Yours Truly” is a must read for fans of romantic fiction. Abby Jimenez has once again delivered a beautifully written, character driven story that will leave readers feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

The book is a testament to the power of second chances and the joy that comes after finding your perfect match. Whether you’re in the mood for a good laugh or a heartwarming love story “Yours Truly” is a perfect book.     

Yours truly abby jimenez pdf download details

Book Name Yours Truly
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 416
Author abby jimenez
Language English
Release date  April 11, 2023

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