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Mimic arcanist pdf free: Astra Academy is a fantasy book series written by Shami Stovall. Since its release it has become popular across the world. It mainly attracted the readers of age 12 to 18 years. The author, Shami Stovall is a talented author who is known for her world in fantasy and science fiction genres.

Stovall’s writing is known for its string world building and well crafted characters. Her stories are full of magic, action and adventure with intriguing plots that keep readers engaged from start to the end. This series is no exception and has an incredible world building and attractive characters.

Mimic arcanist pdf free

The 1st book in the series “Academy Arcanist (Astra Academy Book 1)” was published in 2022 and has gained an immense fan following. The story focuses on Gary Lexly, a young man with a burning desire to escape his old boring life and study at Astra Academy, a school for people who can use magic.

The book follows the adventures of Gray and how he manages to save himself from an ocean of challenges. The book is so fascinating with its unique plot and great world building. It is divided into many chapters and with each chapter coming to an end there will be a genuine what next feeling for the readers.

The twists and turns are another plus which makes this book so intriguing. The second installment in the Astra Academy series “Mimic Arcanist” is all set to release in the month of April 2023. In this installment the story follows the adventures of Gray and Sorin Lexly who are in the first year at the magical academy.

The book picks up where the first book left with the brothers upset after a scary incident with a professor who tried to harm them and opened a portal to a very dangerous place. But that is in the past and the portal was destroyed. Gray hopes to forget about the things that happened and is determined to focus on his studies.

Mimic arcanist shami stovall pdf

However, as in most fantasy novels, danger has a way of finding our heroes no matter how much they try to avoid it. While on a camping trip with his classmates, Gray discovers a fragment of the destroyed portal and somehow the monsters crept their way into the world of living. Gray determined to set things right, he immediately informs about the fragment to Professor Helmith.

They further discover that not just one, but there may be more than one fragments and dangers lurk around everywhere. These fragments may also lead to the possibility of the arrival of Death Lord into the moral world. Gray’s determination to set things right and protect the world of the living leads him on a thrilling adventure full of danger and mystery.

One of the most impressive aspects of “Mimic Arcanist (Astra Academy Book 2)” is the world building. Shami Stovall has created a fantastic magical world with unique characters, spells and customs. The magic system in the world is particularly intriguing with special importance on the study of magical theory and the use of complex incantations.

The author has put a lot of thought and care into creating this world and it shows in the attention to detail and richness of the setting. Another strong point of the book is the characters. The characters are relatable and likable and the bond between the main characters is one of the major highlights of the book.

Astra academy book 2 pdf

The author also introduces new characters in this installment each with their own distinct personalities. The interaction between the characters feel natural and real and the dialogues are really well written and engaging. The plot has many twists and turns which keeps the readers engaged and guessing until the very end.

The pace is excellent with lots of action sequences and character development. The book also touches the themes of friendship, trust and the consequences of one’s actions which adds depth to the story.

Overall, “Mimic Arcanist (Astra Academy Book 2)” is a worthy follow up to the first book in the Astra Academy series. The world building is top notch, the characters are well written and engaging and the plot is full of twists and turns.

Shami Stovall has created a fantastic magical world which is a joy to explore and fans of fantasy novels will fall in love with this book. Whether you are a fan of Harry Potter, The Name of the Wind or any other magical school series, Astra Academy is definitely worth the time.

Mimic arcanist epub details

Book Name Mimic Arcanist (Astra Academy Book 2)
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 429
Author Shami Stovall
Language English
Release date  April 18, 2023

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