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Katie the catsitter book 3 pdf: Katie the Catsitter is a beloved graphic novel series written by Colleen AF Venable and illustrated by Stephanie Yue. It is a perfect book series for young readers who love cats. The series follows Katie, a middle school girl who wanted to go for a summer camp. But she doesn’t go due to financial issues, however she decides to take up odd jobs and earn money for the next summer camp.

She has a best friend named Beth who gives regular updates on the summer camp. She tries various jobs but finally selects a cat sitting from her neighbor Ms. Madeline who owns 217 cats. The series shows the ups and downs of a cat sitting for her neighbors in her apartment building. The series begins with the first book “Katie the Cat Sitter #1” in which Katie takes on the responsibility of caring for her neighbor’s cats. The cats are super intelligent who can behave much like humans.

Katie the catsitter book 3 pdf

Initially she hesitates but quickly discovers that the cat sitting is so interesting and soon finds more and more clients. However there is also something else going on in New York City where the crimes have recently increased. The city has many superheroes who fight against villains to help people. Katie observes that her neighbor Ms. Madeline is out exactly when the city’s most notorious villains commit crimes. She wonders what her neighbor is up to and suspects her to be a villain.

The humor between Katie and Ms. Madeline is hilarious and the illustrations make the story come to life. In the second book “Katie the Cat Sitter #2”, Katie becomes a sidekick for superhero Mousetress and is training under her. But she soon realizes that being a superhero sidekick is not as easy as she expected.

Mousetree is getting blamed for the things she didn’t do and Katie knows that. With the help of slightly out of ordinary 217  cats Katie tries to figure out the true villain and clear Mousetress name. The adventures she does along with the cats is a treat to read and humor is depicted very well.

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Katie the Cat sitter is back in action with another set of adventures. In this new installment she tries to protect her city from an environmental disaster. The book pictures the exciting adventure that combines superhero action with the everyday struggles of being a teenager. The story begins with Katie’s mother working long hours at her job, leaving Katie with plenty of time to train to be a superhero with the Moustress.

Katie must keep her superhero training a secret from her mother. While pretending to cat sit for her many furry friends, Katie and Moustress embark on their latest mission against a company which is dumping waste into the waterways. The crew breaks into the company’s offices and successfully reroutes the pipes to funnel waste into the CEO’s office causing chaos and destruction.

However, this leads to unexpected consequences including the release of giant robots that threaten the safety of the town. The Moustress is wrongfully blamed for the robot attacks and Katie and her friends must work together to clear her name and stop the real culprits behind the attacks.

Throughout the story Katie also deals with personal issues including her growing friendship with the Wheel-las , a skateboarding group. Beth is also dealing with her own struggles including her father’s strict rules about her involvement in superhero missions. As the story unfolds readers are kept on the edge of their seats wondering who is behind the robot attacks and whether Katie and her friends will be able to stop them.

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The tension builds as the stakes are raised and the fate of the town hangs in the balance. WIth the help of the cat army, Katie and her friends work together to uncover the truth and save their home. One of the most compelling aspects of this book is the way it seamlessly weaves together action and humor with relatable teen issues.

Katie is a likable and relatable character who must balance her desire to be a superhero with the challenges of navigating friendships and family dynamics. Beth, Jess and Marie add depth to the story with their own struggles and personalities making the cast of characters engaging and realistic.

Overall, “Katie the Cat sitter #3” is a fun and exciting read that will appeal to readers of all ages. With its engaging characters, humor and action packed plot it is a must read for fans of the series and anyone who enjoys a good superhero story. Colleen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue have once again delivered a charming and delightful book that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment of the series.       

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Book Name Katie the Catsitter #3: Secrets and Sidekicks
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 224
Author Colleen AF Venable
Language English
Release date  May 2, 2023

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